US Marine Corps – “243 Years of Being the First to Fight”

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When Vice President Pence met with the US Marine Corps today, he tweeted, “As the proud father of a United States Marine, I’m honored to celebrate the on 243 years of defending our freedom and this Nation and helping to keep our families safe. Happy Birthday Marines – 243 years of being the first to fight. Semper Fi.

What does the motto “first to fight” mean in this age of special forces deployments from all branches all over the globe?

Futurejarheads wrote,

The USMC is the only branch that is forward deployed 365/24/7 as a complete unit capable of sustaining war all by itself for about a month.

These Marine units travel on ships with all the war fighting gear including jet fighters, tanks, artillery and all the other elements of combat. These units are not on stand-by, and are spread out throughout the world’s hot spots ready for action. No other branch can make this claim. So when a crisis erupts anywhere in the world, the first responders will most likely be these units aboard these ships. Whether they get off and take part in the crisis is another story.

The motto may not apply as much as it used to these days, but it has often applied in the past. From the first Amphibious raid in 1776 at Fort Nassau, to the Battle of Derna (Shores of Tripoli), to the Battle of Chapultepec (halls of Montezuma), through the Battle of Belleau Wood in WWI, Iwo Jima in WWII, Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War,  through 1968’s Battle of Hue City, and on through the modern warfare in places like Fallujah…the United States Marine Corps have proven to be formidable warriors.

Semper Fi, US Marines. Happy Birthday!

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