US Attorney Billy Williams on Portland Riots – Call It What It Is: Criminal

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With the Mark O Hatfield Federal Courthouse under nightly attack from rioters with bombs, saws, fireworks, and everything you can think of, US Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams told an MSM interviewer that they need to call the “late night demonstrations” for what they are: criminal. They’re not “mostly peaceful protests.”

“You need to call it what it is: criminal.” US Attorney Billy Williams

When the interviewer changed it to “late night activity” he seemed to become irritated and reiterated that it is criminal behavior, not lawful behavior.

“You seem to be unable to call this what it is: criminal.” US Attorney Billy Williams

Or this is the full footage:

The reporter in this video was happy to point fingers at the Federal officers, but ignored and refused to say that the rioters were criminal in their behavior.

Of course this is only one example. The MSM is all doing it. They either say “late night demonstrations” or “peaceful protests that turned intense” or some other drivel. They are literally afraid to tell the truth.

Daniel Greenfield at Front Page Mag wrote  about other riots that were reported as “mostly peaceful”:

By early June, I had tracked the cases of over 400 injured law enforcement officers in under two weeks of BLM riots. A month later, there are too many cases and too little reporting to even begin assembling any kind of complete picture.

A week after I complied my list, over 350 NYPD officers had been listed as injured in the BLM riots. By the middle of June, 75 law enforcement officers had been injured in the Denver Black Lives Matter riots.

Rifles, explosives, lasers, power tools, and firebombs are routinely used at the mostly peaceful protests.

Law enforcement officers have come away from what the media continues to falsely describe as “mostly peaceful protests” with fractured skulls, eye and ear injuries, and broken bones. Officers have been hit with bricks, baseball bats, and broken bottles. They’ve been shot, stabbed, and run over by vehicles.

The full total is not in the hundreds: it’s in the thousands. That’s a war zone.

And that’s just the law enforcement officers. No count has been kept of the civilians assaulted by the rioters. No one has assembled a list of store owners beaten and robbed by Black Lives Matter rioters.

Rough estimates place the scale of damage in the billions of dollars. Walgreens alone suffered $75 million in looting damage. Minnesota estimated damage to 1,500 businesses totaling $500 million.

That’s not counting the 303 NYPD police cars set on fire or damaged to the tune of $1M or the subesquent damage days afterward. Everything from arson to smashed windows… but those are just “mostly peaceful protests” and it’s all the fault of law enforcement, local or federal, right?

That’s what US Attorney Billy Williams was getting at- this whole thing is C.R.I.M.I.N.A.L.

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