Urgent Call to Action – Florida Voting After Hurricane Michael, Help Needed

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The Florida panhandle was devastated from Hurricane Michael. There are no phone lines, no power, no TV, no newspaper, nothing. The entire region was impacted so massively that getting out the vote for next week’s midterm elections has become critical.

Total devastation

Screenshot from YouTube of Panama City devastation

Tyndall Air Force Base was destroyed, including numerous F-22s. That means millions of dollars worth of aircraft…a huge dent in the budgets of the US Air Force. Most of the planes that were destroyed had been up for maintenance, some had been evacuated prior to the hurricane.  Maintenance is almost irrelevant now.

The goal for Republicans is to find as many people as humanly possible and show them where to vote. Early voting began Saturday, October 27. In a region that is normally staunchly Conservative,  losing any votes can swing the election in favor of the Democrats. The teams hope to tap into churches and any other organization that can help.


There are 6 polling areas in the devastated region. The early voting started last Saturday and continues through Nov 5. The Republicans need bodies- people to help them get out the vote. They have told us that if anyone needs assistance in getting to the region please contact them – the information is on the form. The form to fill out if you can help is at the following link.


If you are close to the panhandle of Florida, or you just want to help get out the vote, you are needed! There is no time to waste!

Gov Rick Scott only won by 1% and Trump by only slightly more than that. It is critical to get votes!

Featured photo: screenshot of Lynn Haven Police Department by Jeremy Sheftel.

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