Update: Zachary Greenberg arrested in Assault on Conservative Student at UC Berkeley

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Zachary Greenburg, 28, is being held on the Glenn Dyer jail in Oakland, California on a $30,000 bond. His arraignment is set for Monday. The felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm stems from the video last week of a Conservative UC Berkeley student being punched in the face and ending up with injuries. Greenberg was arrested on a Felony warrant Friday.

As we previously reported, the student was approached by two men while he was sitting at a Turning Point table. In a video that went viral, the victim was shown being severely punched and having damage to his eye.

Hayden Williams after the assault

The Berkeleyside reported,

Campus police have announced an arrest in the felony assault case involving a man caught on video punching another man on the UC Berkeley campus last week.

The University of California Police Department announced the arrest by email at 2:10 p.m. Friday. Police said UCPD arrested Zachary Greenberg on a warrant involving a Feb. 19 assault on Sproul Plaza. Police said last week that they had identified the suspect in the case but did not release his name until Friday.

Videos of the incident went viral last week after they were shared by conservative groups and figures calling the assault a leftist attack on students’ free speech. UC Berkeley has said that neither man is a Cal student.

According to UCPD, an Alameda County Superior Court judge issued a warrant for Greenberg’s arrest Friday. He was booked into jail at 1 p.m., UCPD said.

Hayden Williams, the victim in the assault, says that the culture of most institutes of higher learning is hostile to Conservatives. It’s that way in numerous schools from elementary to college.

Featured photo: via UCPD

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  • Robert

    I hope Zachary Greenburg gets what coming to him with the extent of the law. If you hear in the video I think he (Zachary) mentions I will shoot you. as he is struggling. Hayden Williams. Zachary is a coward on picking on those who are smaller. If it was somebody his size I doubt that he would not even bother. But Mr Big man caught caught and now is setting in jail facing a felony conviction. They should also do a background check to see if he owns any weapons. Now that would be interesting to find out.

  • J. kaub

    Say what is on your mind; however, once you strike someone it becomes assault (a Felony)….not good to have on your “record”. If this were done at a place of employment…there would be IMMEDIATE dismissal…I have seen it happen! (No, I wasn’t involved)!

  • Libs Suck

    Laws need to be passed to protect conservatives from crazy liberals. I hope this prick goes to jail and gets corked in the backside everyday.

    • J

      We already have laws about assault and battery. Let’s throw intimidation in while we’re at it. Like GUN LAWS we simply need to enforce existing laws before enacting more laws we will ignore.

  • Ron Richtsmeier

    This guy needs to do hard time. He needs to be used as an example. I think 5 years would do it.

  • John Foster

    Good artile

    Good article, Miss Higbee

  • Ken Johnson

    There are already laws to protect people from assault and this time everything will work as intended. The man has been arrested and will probably serve time since the assault has video. Why this becomes Cal’s fault is beyond me. The guy is NOT a student. Comments calling for special laws to protect conservative viewpoints are as bad as calls to protect liberal ones. The law needs to applied fairly in all cases.

  • Paul from Decatur,

    Has he ever had a UC-Berkeley connection?

  • carmine

    This is a good example of a Punk! A fucking low life bully. Now he will meet the real people in the institution. Lets see how much of a Bully he can be once in the arms of his worst nightmare. To all of this political mess, I hope your happy. Seems anyone who voted for Trump has to worry about being harassed. Big surprises coming to the trump haters. As Low Life, Low IQ, Ghetto Bitch Maxine Waters said “get in there face” it won’t be long?

  • Thomas

    Hmmm…. Neither is a UCal-Berkeley student..? The assailant is dressed as a student, however. So, who was really behind this? I smell a rat.

  • Derek

    Three Felonies! LOL. Ouch! That will get lots of jail time.

  • Georgia mom of 2

    This old thug “Zachary Greenberg” was stalking woman at Berkeley, he’s not even a student there. He’s a violent predator that woman should be watchful of. Berkeley should also sue him for criminal trespass.

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