Update: Stabbing at Idaho Refugee Apartment – 3 Year Old Dies

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The brutal stabbing of nine people at an Idaho refugee apartment complex has now caused the death of a 3 year old child. The little girl was airlifted to a Utah hospital, but did not survive.  Six children and three adults were stabbed by Timothy Kinner, 30.  He now faces an additional charge of murder.

“Kinner had been granted by one of the apartment members a place to stay for a few days. Due to his behavior, he’d been asked to leave. Kinner had done so. He returned last night to exact vengeance, not just on those whom he had been with because they were not at the apartment but at any target that was available. Kinner attacked, targeting the children initially.” Boise Police Chief William Bones on Sunday.

Kinner exacted his revenge the birthday party of the 3 year old who died. Only one of the children stabbed has been released, all the others are currently  hospitalized. Three adults were said to have attempted to stop the carnage but were also stabbed. Seven remain hospitalized, some still in critical condition.

Kinner appeared before a judge on Monday.

According to KIVI,

“Kinner made his initial court appearance in Ada County Monday afternoon, brought into court handcuffed and in a wheelchair for security reasons.

Kinner was described as homeless, with no ties to the Boise community. Officials said he threatened Ada County Jail staff and himself while incarcerated.

Witnesses describe Kinner’s demeanor as “argumentative” in court.

When Kinner was asked by the court if he understood the charges against him, including the new charge of first-degree murder, 
he told the court, “No. No, sir.”

The judge asked, “What don’t you understand?”

“I don’t understand none of this, sir,” Kinner responded.

The judge then re-read the charges against him. 

Kinner requested to represent himself, but the Court assigned him a public defender.” 

Kinner has an extensive record in California and is on probation from a charge in Utah. He had no criminal record in Idaho until now.

Idaho  refugee apartment complex

Heavy.com reported about the Boise community, which is considered a “refugee resettlement” area. Though they say “the state” in their article, Southern Idaho is most assuredly not the same as North Idaho.

“Idaho’s refugee population has come from different countries over the years but is considered significant. In the 2000s, according to Idaho Office for Refugees, “recent arrivals include a large number of individuals from Iraq, Congo, Burma, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and Somalia.” The refugee population in the state has shifted over the years, beginning mostly with refugees from Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe in the 1980s.”

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