Update- Germany Death Toll Rises, Perp May Still be at Large

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The death toll from yesterday’s truck attack in Berlin, Germany rose to 12, as authorities tried to determine whether the Pakistani refugee they arrested was really the perpetrator. Authorities became unsure of the  arrest after the person vehemently denied any involvement, and several things did not add up.

Twenty four of the injured in the attack are already released from the hospital and back home with their families, according to Berlin police. but the possibility of another attack by the same culprit has people on edge.

Police found the original driver of the Polish truck dead inside- it appeared that someone carjacked the vehicle and killed the driver, then drove it into the crowd. The man they arrested, a Pakistani refugee, denied any involvement.

According to RT

The Pakistani suspect arrested following the truck attack in the German capital Berlin may not be the perpetrator, prosecutors and police say. They add that the attacker could be still at large. Police remain on high alert.
Holger Münch, the head of the federal criminal police office, said at a press conference on Tuesday that “we need to work on the assumption that an armed perpetrator is still at large. As a result of this we are on high alert.”

Earlier Die Welt newspaper cited a high-ranking security source as saying that the Pakistani refugee was not involved in the attack.

“We have the wrong man,” Die Welt cited a Berlin police official as saying. “And thus a new situation. The actual perpetrator is still at large and armed, and can inflict more damage.”

Speigel, an online German news service, reported that the case against the Pakistani man was crumbling:

The man, who has been identified in the German press as a 23-year-old from Pakistan named Naved B. and who entered Germany via the Balkan Route on Dec. 31, 2015, has consistently denied his involvement in the attack, say police. Furthermore, other clues being pursued by investigators have failed to add up.

It could very well be, said German Federal Prosecutor Peter Frank in Berlin on Tuesday afternoon, “that the man taken into custody may not be the perpetrator or part of the group of perpetrators.” He went on to say that it wasn’t clear if the perpetrator was acting alone or as part of a group.

The weapon used to murder the driver, a small caliber firearm,  has not been found, according to the Berlin Prosecutor’s office. The shipping company that owns the truck says they lost contact with their driver at about 4 p.m. on Monday, which was about 4 hours before the attack.

The witness who reportedly followed the man who supposedly fled from the scene, actually lost sight of him for several seconds before the Pakistani man was arrested. There was no gunshot residue on the arrested man’s person. The man also had no bloodstains on him, even though the clothes of the driver were highly bloodstained.

Conclusion: they got the wrong man. The real perpetrator is still at large. The city remains on high alert.


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