Update: Florence Aftermath

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At least 32 people have died so far as a result of the flooding in the Florence aftermath, according to Reuters. Twenty-five in North Carolina, 1 in Virginia, and 6 in South Carolina. The Virginia death came from a tornado which hit a building and caused it to collapse. Florence is still whalloping the Carolinas with flooding for a second week.

Wilmington, NC has been cut off by flood waters, but much-needed supplies have begun to arrive, according to the Weather Channel. Hanover county had at least 700 rescues as the flood waters rose. Authorities cleared a driving path for the supplies to be sent, but did not release the route, as they are asking people not to drive around in the dangerous waters.
Wilmington Response has a safe camp with about 30 people outside the city and above the flood waters, but will need assistance with running it when personnel are needed for other services.

Officials advised people not to use map apps on their cell phones because the flooding has been occurring so fast that the apps can’t keep up. The app could send people into a flooded roadway. A one-year old child died when his mother drove onto a flooded roadway and was swept away. She was eventually rescued and taken to the hospital. The child’s body was found on Monday.

Levees and dams have been severely threatened across North Carolina. An evacuation order was issued on Sunday for the Headwaters Dam, but officials later stated that it appeared fine by Monday. One smaller dam in Anson County breached and flooded an area.

Nearly 300,000 people are still without power across North Carolina, according to PowerOutage.us.

In North Carolina at least 2,600 people and 300 animals have been rescued, according to Gov. Roy Cooper. This video went viral showing the rescue of 6 dogs left in a cage by their owner during the floods.

The rivers have crested well above flood stage, and many could take several days before the levels fall.

In South Carolina, residents are watching as rivers continue to rise, with the worst of the flooding ahead of them this week. Water rescues in South Carolina have been ongoing, with at least 12 in Conway, and 25 in Horry County.

Featured photo via Fayetteville Police:
The Fayetteville police reported that the Cape Fear River had reached a record level of flooding at over the previous record of 23.5 feet. The river gauge is no longer working.

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