Update – Death Count Rises in Munich Mall Shooting- How many shooters?

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Update – Death Count Rises in Munich Mall Shooting – how many shooters?

Germany is reeling after the death toll from the terror attack we previously reported rose to 8. A 9th person is dead as well, and is believed to be the perpetrator. It began at 6 p.m. at McDonalds, then moved to the parking garage over the mall. An unknown number of people are injured.

One, Two, Three?

Though the German interior Minister said that police believed there were three shooters at first, he has since rescinded that remark and said there was only one. Many news media also reported three, and police advised residents to stay indoors.

Some of the victims are children, and have life-threatening injuries.

Germany’s GSG9 special unit was deployed for this situation, as a manhunt ensued for the shooter or shooters. Public transportation was suspended for a time. Checkpoints were set up around the city, blocking people form leaving.

Some mosques in Munich have opened their doors for travelers who were stranded.

9th Body

Police discovered the corpse of a male victim “who was killed by violence” and believe it was the perpetrator, according to BILD.de, a German news service. The area around the body was blocked off, as police searched for any explosives. He was wearing a red backpack, same as the man in the first video.

 munich mall

Screenshot of a nonstopnews photo- alleged perpetrator.

Sky News reported a possible second attack at the Marienplatz station, but that is unconfirmed.

Police believe there are three crime scenes at present – the area around the McDonalds, the Olympia mall, and the parking garage. Either the shooter mover form one location to the other, or there was more than one.

Screenshot 2016-07-22 13.13.57

The following video surfaced of a shooter on the roof of the parking garage. Shouting “I’m German,”  the man in the video torched off a round or two with a handgun.

Because the man shouted “I am German,” some news agencies are reporting that the perpetrator was a right wing Neo-Nazi

Fox reported that the attack occurred on the anniversary date of an attack in Norway in 2011. That attack was a right wing extremist. It is unclear who this man is at this point, as the information is conflicting.

Obama actually devoted a 30 whole seconds to the incident and cracked a joke. The White House did issue a regular statement condemning the shootings.

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