Update: Cedar Park Standoff Ended Peacefully

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The Cedar Park standoff ended peacefully after the man who was barricaded inside the home surrendered. Two hostages were released first, and as of 8 a.m. on Monday, the suspect was still barricaded inside the home with his mother. After hours of negotiations, both came out and the suspect surrendered to authorities.

The mother, brother, sister and a small dog were inside the home when the suspect kicked in the door, according to the Statesman. Police had responded to a call at the residence around 3 p.m., as they had previously for a subject with mental issues. This time, he held family members hostage.

When police arrived, the suspect opened fire on them. Two officers were released from the hospital on Sunday night, the third went into surgery on Monday morning. The injuries were said to be non-life-threatening.

Authorities were not sure whether their return fire struck the suspect, but apparently he was wounded in the exchange. The hostage situation lasted nearly 18 hours. Police stated the man was willing to talk.

KVUE reported,

In the Facebook live, the suspect appears to be speaking with a woman – who he identified as his sister – on the phone. The woman is pleading with him to go outside and get in an ambulance because she doesn’t want him to “bleed out.” He responds, “it sounds like a good idea, but it’s not going to work like that.”

A woman who appears to be standing near the man interrupts their phone call, saying that they need to answer a phone call from the police department. The suspect can be seen in the Facebook live talking to someone who appears to be a negotiator for the police department. The negotiator can be heard asking him how everything is going. The suspect responds, saying that the people inside are not harmed, but want to leave.

When the negotiator asked the suspect over the phone to leave the house so they could check out his injured arm, the suspect said, “I’m having a conversation with my family” and that he needs more time.

Shortly after, the suspect hangs up on the negotiator and can be heard talking to the other people in the home.

The suspect’s name and the names of the family members have not been released. All hostages were released and checked out by EMTs. All were in good health.


Featured photo: photo via Twitter @kmans1953


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