Unrelated Knife Incidents Overtake the News

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A man who was under 24 hour surveillance by terrorism authorities was wielding a knife and ended up dead- shot by an FBI agent and a Boston police officer. Then there was the 14 year old who stabbed a fellow student in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. And don’t forget the man who was found stabbing a woman in Azle, Texas. He was shot and killed by a Deputy. Then there was the fatal stabbing of a woman in Queens, New York – that suspect was arrested.

A slough of  knife incidents on Monday-Tuesday overtook the news. None of them are related to each other.

1st knife incident

Boston, MA – Around 7 am Tuesday morning, Usaama Rahim, 26, died after he lunged at officers with a “large military knife.” Rahim had been under 24 hour surveillance by counter-terrorism authorities, who were investigating him as a possible extremist. Authorities noticed a change in his behavior with social media threats and decided to confront him. He turned around and “lunged” at the officers, who retreated and told him to put down the knife. He didn’t. They exercised their training, and he died.


Police released this photo of the knife wielded by the suspect

2nd knife incident

Upper Marlboro, MD – a 14 year old student stabbed a 16 year old student at Frederick Douglass high School at around 0740 Tuesday morning. The dispute appeared to stem from a previous fight between the two. The other student was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect was quickly taken into custody by school security. He faces charges as a juvenile. Names have not been released.


A 14 year old stabbed a 16 year old at this high school in Maryland – NBC photo

3rd knife incident

Azle, Texas – At about 11:30 pm Monday night, police were called to a home to find two people with stab wounds who ran out of the house as he arrived. Another woman was inside the residence, screaming for help as she was being stabbed.

Kamal Dajani, 26, refused to put the knife down and was shot by a Deputy from Tarrant County. Police believe he stabbed his relatives. The deputy has been placed on administrative leave.


Kamal Dajani was killed by police for failure to put down his weapon – Tarrant county jail photo

4th knife incident

Queens, New York -Just before 10 am Tuesday morning, a man showed up at the scene of a stabbing in the Jamaica part of the city. He was wearing a blood soaked towel. As the neighbors watching pointed at him saying, “Hey that’s him, that’s him!” police swarmed around him, and told him to get on the ground.  He was wearing pajama bottoms, but no shirt or shoes. When police pulled him off the ground, he was laughing.

The 27 year old female victim died at the scene after having been stabbed in the shoulder and wrist. No names were released.

knife incidents

The suspect is arrested in a fatal stabbing incident in Queens. Photo by Robert Stridiron

So there you have it: a day of knife incidents. Whatever was going on in the last 24 hours, it was interesting. They’ve been going after our guns because of “violence,” so let’s wait and see when they go after our knives too.


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