Unpredictable President Trump: Cancelled Congressional Picnic, Gave Food to People Who Deserved It

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President Trump has some very strong beliefs on certain things. On June 20, according to IJR, he abruptly cancelled the annual Congressional picnic that was to be held Thursday at the White House. Actually, he “postponed” the picnic. The menu originally included left rib eye steaks (THICK ones), coleslaw, black beans,spinach, quinoa, and pies. But he was ready for it – he sent all the perishable food to Walter Reed Hospital’s patients, caregivers, and employees at the USO Warrior and Family Center in Bethesda, Maryland for their Friday lunch.

“I was just walking over to the Oval Office and I said, ‘You know, it doesn’t feel right to have a picnic for Congress when we’re working on doing something very important.It didn’t feel exactly right to me…Because we’re all so busy, and I just mentioned to the congressmen and senators in the room that we are going to cancel and postpone tomorrow’s congressional picnic.”  Trump remarked, according to Politico and The Hill

The food was already being prepared when he cancelled the picnic.

This President has more heart and sense of duty than any left-wing person ever gives him credit for. All of the perishables were donated to Walter Reed Hospital, the nonperishable items were to be repurposed for future events, according to Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump’s spokesperson.

According to Fox6now,

“By Wednesday afternoon, the steaks had disappeared, the charcoal in the grills near the White House press area still warm. On the South Lawn of the White House, where the event was set to take place, box trucks were still parked near the fountain, and roundtables and folding chairs were stacked high, two giant wooden boxes labeled “Popcorn Machine” forlornly sitting nearby on the grass.

The picnic is aimed at bringing members of Congress, their families and members of the administration together for a casual, lighthearted evening. Last year’s event had a New York theme, complete with a carousel, sailboat racing in the fountain and snack stands with popcorn, cotton candy and soft pretzels.

The tradition dates back to September 1945, when President Harry Truman hosted 150 Democratic members of Congress at Jefferson Island in the Chesapeake Bay, per the White House Historical Association.”

Someone in Congress will likely complain that they didn’t get their steak. But the items went to a deserving group of people. The USO (United Service Organization) operates the Warrior and Family Service Center at Walter Reed. It is a non-profit facility in the National Military Medical Center that was built in 2014.


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  • Edward Gilby

    At least I see my tax dollar going to the good people at Walter Reed Hospital. Back in middle 70’s. I had the pleasure of being there. My very young Son had a month or so stay/operation there. Fort Bragg hospital was not equipped to do this. Wonderful Doctors an staff. There was no charge for anything. Not even out housing/meals etc. Thank You guys. You did a GREAT Job. Thank you Mr. Trump, GREAT Job.

  • Stephanie Hale

    That’s a wonderful thing to have done. I know our veterans liked that way more then hospital food. The staff I’m sure appreciated theirs as well. Trump may not always say the right things but he means well. He has a big heart and he says what he feels.

  • Pat Poole

    You get better and better Mr. President!
    Keep it Rollin!

  • Samuel Kaufman

    This is great, those servicemen & servicewomen and their families deserve this as well as whomever else got to enjoy the food.Way to go POTUS ,I knew were the right person for the job, the America working men & women need someone in our corner to here our plea. We have been trying to get this” lady back “on her feet for a long time.I feel that we are doing it,you do your part and will do your.Thanks for giving us a voice!! Don’t worry about the left -wingers,their bullies.We know how to “take care of bullies “

  • David C.

    Many of the congressional people, Republican and especially Democrat, do not deserve to have a picnic lunch on the taxpayers as they do no want to help American CITIZENS, only ‘illegals’….

  • David C.

    Many of the congressional people, Republican and especially Democrat, do not deserve to have a picnic lunch on the taxpayers as they do no want to help American CITIZENS, only ‘illegals’. And THIS is not a duplicate comment; this is my first time saying this….

  • K Miller

    Faye Higbee,
    Thank you for showing the ‘real’ Donald Trump. Much appreciated.

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