Uncle Sam’s Nation Podcast- Our Way of Life is at Stake

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In the Uncle Sam’s Nation most recent podcast,  we’ll call it “The Tree of Liberty,” he reminds everyone that we are already in the fight for our nation. Our way of life is at stake on every level – we have allowed Marxists/Communists to run rampant, and now we are in dire straits.

Our children are being indoctrinated with the idea that Marxism/Socialism is good. It is not.

Bread lines

If you were around at the beginning of the pandemic, when grocery store shelves were bare of essentials like toilet paper, then you can understand what Tank is saying. Our situation was temporary- in socialist nations, it is the way things are every day.

Our citizens are experiencing mobs of people roaming through our neighborhoods, threatening us. In the Uncle Sam’s Nation podcast, Tank understands those well. In the video, you can hear him talk about the “repudios.” Repudios are mobs that condemn the people. Here are a couple of examples of what he is talking about:

The “Repudios”

After it became to dangerous for Rick and his sister to go to school because of constant beatings, he looked out the window and saw a group of children and the teacher gathering on the sidewalk. He thought they had come to play. Instead, they pelted the house with rocks and eggs, chanting “gusano! gusano!” Gusano means “worm.”…

…His father was often arrested. There were times when Rick had no idea when he’d see him again, if he ever would at all. One day when his father was back at home, two mobs advanced on their apartment – one to take his mother and one to take his father.

Tank’s Grandfather was the only ordinary citizen who had a weapon – an old revolver that had been given to him by Castro because he once fought with him. It was a pearl-handled revolver that had been owned by a Batista General. The revolver was kept in a special case.

His Grandfather opened the case and pulled out the revolver.

Standing between the mobs and his family, he threatened the would-be killers with getting shot. It took courage for him to stand against a mob that was bent on murder, especially with the repercussions that might occur after he did it. That moment became the foundation of Rick’s love of the 2nd Amendment. The mobs backed off.

He has seen firsthand as children offered a piece of candy  in class will betray their friends and embrace a lie over truth.

Tank (Rick) is not the only person speaking out about these things, but he was among the first since he founded Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children in 2009. The Cuban-American community that escaped communism under Castro also understands where we are at this point in our history: Maximo Alvarez who spoke at the RNC, Cuban-American business owner Glenys Saavedra, and many others all understand what is at stake.

Understand clearly that we are in the fight of our lives.  The “Tree of Liberty” may soon require water.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson

Here is the latest Uncle Sam’s Nation podcast from Tank, 55 minutes in length- please heed the message!

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