Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children and Predator,Inc at Work: Naples Florida

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Florida is made up of many senior communities that were left without power or running water in 100 degree temperatures after the wrath of Hurricane Irma. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children and Predator Inc were there to lend a helping hand. As they encountered the heart wrenching devastation, they also saw a great outpouring of people from all over the nation who came to help. Unity in the midst of disaster.

A note from Sheila

When people have lost everything, compassion, faith, hope, and action all need to come together to help them. And that’s what’s happening all across Florida as Americans help those in need.


When they first arrived,  a lady at Walmart stayed up until all hours making donuts for Tank and Garrett to take to First Responders, National Guard, and the elderly in Naples. All of the recipients were eager to receive the offering. Just a little spot of the ordinary in the midst of destruction.

Two young men from Fort Myers who follow Uncle Sam’s on Instagram showed up to cook for the National Guard…and they stayed for hours, BBQing for the service members.

Special needs shelter set up in a high school in Naples

Garrett Juhler-Robbins – Predator Inc

“It’s amazing to witness first hand Americans coming together. The devastation is heart-breaking, but so many people showing up from far and wide, all races, all walks of life…it makes you realize how precious life is and how fast it can be gone. 

I think the place that touched me the most was a Special needs shelter. They couldn’t help themselves, they had lost everything. It was at a high school that was set up as a shelter for people from a retirement community. It was an honor to help them.”

For those of you who didn’t know, Garrett had major surgery just a month ago. He’s supposed to be “taking it easy.” But he says “I’m not one to stand there watching” so he has jumped in with both feet literally to help. He also got to shake President Trump’s hand in Naples.

Leighton Goard-  Mechanic for Predator Inc

“It has been surreal. There were people standing in the water with power lines down in it. Any bit of electricity in those lines …it would have been over for them. We were driving around about 10 miles north of Naples 2 days after Irma hit and saw cars abandoned in the roadways because there was no gas.  It was like a scene out of a movie.”

Rick Ferran – Tank- Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

We have talked to Tank numerous times on this adventure. He was thrilled to be asked by the Secret Service to help with security for the President.

Naples, Florida- the day Tank got to work with the Secret Service

But by far the most important thing in his heart is this:

This has been uplifting to my spirit. What drives me is the amount of people we don’t know come together from all walks of life. We have all put so much into this because we believe in the mission. It’s wonderful being part of this. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, Predator, BAT Defense and now Oath Keepers have all joined together. 

FEMA can eventually put you up in a hotel, or get housing maybe, but it’s the little groups that make a difference by putting food exactly where it’s needed, even right on their doorstep. When there are no cell signals, no electricity, and nothing works, that’s when Americans come together to help. 

If you have the means and ability, get down here. Climb in your truck and load it up with donations and join us. We can use the help and the supplies. 

The media, the government, the groups who want to divide us will lose. When Americans join with Americans to help each other, that’s when the truth comes out. God bless America!

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