Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children FB Page TakeDown #6

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Facebook’s censorship of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children has reached a fever pitch. After taking down our 2.2  Million follower page on October 11, 2018,  now they have found an excuse to do it again. On December 10, around 7 p.m. Eastern, Facebook unpublished our 98K likes new page.

Why, you ask? Because they’ve told us we’re using “hate speech” in our memes, even though on two occasions they returned a couple of memes after saying they “violated  community standards,” they actually returned them saying they made a mistake.

To put it bluntly, they’ve been watching us, looking for something to use as a takedown of our page.

None of those things are “hate speech” in any way shape or form. And none of them were directed at specific people, just liberals. Our military, First responder community enjoys our sense of humor and our articles. Facebook doesn’t care. “Off with their heads” is the bottom line with their actions.


And to be truthful, Facebook does NOT allow freedom of speech. They’ve decided Conservatives are bad, and we are among the “baddest” so they have targeted us. They have absolutely NO sense of humor. Period.

In September, Facebook created what they described as a “war room” designed to take down anything that interfered with the elections for “inauthentic behavior.” On October 11, they took down 800 accounts- 559 pages, and 200 some odd personal pages. Thereafter they took down what they described as Iranian pages. All of that was bogus. Facebook is not only a liar, but THEY are the ones with “inauthentic behavior.” Maybe THEY are the Russian/Iranian bots. We certainly are not. We’re about as “authentic” as it gets.

Even though some media claimed that the “war room” was dismantled, it was obviously not. They continue to censor and destroy anything they disagree with on a huge scale.

They have destroyed our page once again- our ability to sell our patriotic clothing line is gone just as we were growing rapidly. We were at 98,000 likes and going up by the thousands daily. (See featured photo.)

Fox News reported,

The tech giant, which enlisted the help of Washington, D.C. law firm Covington and Burling with the review, has been hit by prominent Republican lawmakers for censoring conservative content or banning conservatives outright due to ideological reasons. In August, more than 100 Facebook employees complained that the company had a political monoculture and that those who do not have liberal views were attacked by their colleagues.

Some employees have quit or been fired by Facebook because of their Conservative views. Facebook continues to reveal Zuckerberg and his left wing cronies’ absolute hatred of Conservatives, veterans, first responders, and a sense of humor.  We guarantee WE will get the last laugh in spite of their evil actions.


Please share our large group as we fight to get our page back.


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  • Josie

    Overlord Zuckerberg is outta control. Shitbag.
    Will share!

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