UNCC Shooter – Why did He Smile?

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Yesterday a gunman shot six people, killing two of them, at UNCC in Charlotte, North Carolina. Two of the wounded have life threatening injuries. The shooter ‘cracked a smile’…laughed as he was being led away by police and a news reporter asked him what happened. He said, “I shot them.”

Apparently he thought killing people was funny. He was a student at the school up until he withdrew from all but one class this last semester.

His remaining class was held at Kennedy Hall – where he started his shooting rampage, according to The Gateway Pundit.

“The shooter at UNCC didn’t say anything. He just started shooting during our final presentations and we all ran out. I’m praying for everyone that got hit and UNC Charlotte as a whole.” Student in Science, Technology, and Society class

“We are in shock to learn of an active shooter situation on the campus of UNC Charlotte. My thoughts are with the families of those who lost their lives, those injured, the entire UNCC community and the courageous first responders who sprang into action to help others.” Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police handled the call.

UNCC Chancellor Phillip Dubois reported that the names of the students killed were: Ellis Parlier, 19, of Midland, NC Riley Howell, 21, Waynesville, NC .

It was the last day of classes at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, as final exams were set for next week. Many students were present on campus at 5:45 pm for a concert Tuesday when the shooting occurred near Kennedy Hall. The concert was cancelled.

The school sent out alerts, the first one read: “Shots reported near Kennedy. Run, hide, fight. Secure yourself immediately. Monitor email and emergency.uncc.edu.” The next one advised that the lockdown was in place and for students to stay in a safe location.

“Just found out the shooter at UNC Charlotte was a classmate of mine last semester whom I had numerous interactions with in class…so scary to realize that the people you come in contact with everyday can turn out that way.” Cole S.

It is unnerving, Cole, to learn that someone you know and talked with turned out to be a killer.

Another student listed as injured is Drew Pescaro.
The other students injured are Sean Dehart, 20, of Apex, North Carolina, Rami Alramatin, 20, of Saudi Arabia and Emily Haupt, of Charlotte, according to Heavy.com.

Whether this gunman enjoyed killing, or whether he just wanted to be famous like everyone else in the news lately is all irrelevant. We can blame everyone, including media for making these asshats famous. His father claimed that he was autistic. He still chose to kill.

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