UN moves to implement control over oceans

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UN moves to implement control over oceans

A treaty for the UN to exercise control of the world’s oceans is being drafted, according to Fox News. It places nearly 30%of the earth’s oceans as “no-go zones” to “protect biodiversity.” Agenda 30 (formerly Agenda 21) went into effect on January 1, 2016…the UN hopes to have this ocean treaty completed by 2017, and then hammer out the rest of it in the ensuing couple of years.

“This is the biggest biosphere on earth and there is no legal instrument in place to establish national parks at sea to protect marine life.” Karen Sack, Pew Charitable Trust

The General Assembly of the UN adopted a resolution in June of 2015 that establishes the plan to make the oceans treaty “legally binding.”

“Development of an international legally binding instrument under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction.”


Preserving biodiversity…will the ocean treaty fix it or regulate it to death?


Under the guise of “sustainability,” the UN is planning to add “Marine Protected Areas” (MPAs) along US coastlines and across the world. Although MPAs are not strictly “not take, no use” areas,  they are heavily regulated. They could be the severe blow to the US Fishing industry, particularly in areas where environmentalists, the EPA, and other regulatory agencies have been actively crushing them.

Closing off fishing areas simply means that the boats have to move elsewhere.  It’s a poor management technique.

The concept is a socialist view of “everybody owns it,” but in reality only the governments will own it.

Undue Influence of Environmentalists

The citizens of the US have been fighting the ridiculous regulations from environmentalists within our borders for some time.  From a tiny fish in California, to  tortoises in Nevada or sage hens, their answer for everything is to block people from doing anything- and that’s everyone -ranchers, tourists, you name it, they’ll stop it. The rules are long and difficult.

And now it threatens to translate into the world’s oceans, and the livelihoods of people across the globe.

Fox News reported,

Pew is the organization lobbying most loudly for a 30 percent set-aside of the high seas for preservation purposes—“although not completely no-take, no-use areas,” according to Elizabeth Wilson,  director of the non-profit organization’s international ocean policy program, who attended several days of the New York meeting.

Pew has also been funding pilot projects for satellite observation of protected zones as an efficient means of supporting law enforcement in the vast reaches of ocean that would be involved, as well as financing research that offers backing for the preserve concept.

And how will the UN “share” the world’s ocean bounty? It’s a huge question – their plan is to bring everyone into that Utopian place of pure equality where there’s no more poverty in the world.

Not everyone agrees with the plan, fortunately.  How do you share all the oceanic resources with everyone?

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