UN Agency Helping North Korea Get Patent on Banned WMD Chemical?

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In a Fox News report, it was found that the UN agency, World Intellectual Property Organization, or WIPO, has had in its possession an application for patent on Sodium Cyanide. It can be used  to make the nerve gas Tabun, and has been on a list of banned substances that are not to be shipped to North Korea since 2006. But they did not notify any UN entity that the DPRK had applied for the patent in possible violation of the sanctions.

The UN agency not only had the application, they had no comments anywhere in the paperwork that flagged this substance as a chemical used in the making of nerve gas.

The application

Fox reported,

This is by no means the first time that WIPO, led by its controversial director general, Francis Gurry, has flabbergasted other parts of the U.N. and most Western nations with its casual and undeclared assistance, with potential WMD implications, to the bellicose and unstable North Korean regime.

And, as before, how the action is judged may depend upon razor-thin, legalistic interpretations of U.N. sanctions law on the one side vs. staggering violations of, at a minimum, common sense in dealing with the unstable North Korean regime, which among other things has never signed the international convention banning the development, production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons.

While the patent process went on at WIPO, that regime has conducted five illegal nuclear tests — two in the past year, while the patent process was under way — and at least ten illegal ballistic missile launches since 2016, while issuing countless threats of mass destruction against its neighbors and the U.S.

WIPO says it does not issue the patents, it is just the intermediary for the process. If so, then why did they not notify the appropriate UN agencies?

According to the Fox article, WIPO is the only UN agency ever sanctioned by the United States for failing to adopt “best practices” regarding whistleblowers. At one point, WIPO sent computers to North Korea in violation of the sanctions…American computers. Brilliant.

Sodium Cyanide 98% is also used in the mining of gold, and is available only in specific places — its purchase is severely restricted. It is highly dangerous as well. It comes as a solid or liquid. Why North Korea would need a patent on it is interesting. According to the process described in the WIPO documents, their product yields the 98% purity.

As one internet user wrote about the use of Sodium Cyanide,

“You make a mistake once, and you won’t get a second chance to do it right.”

Who needs sanctions at all if the UN itself violates them?

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