UK Sanctions Russian Media outlet RT- Banks cancel accounts

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When CNN reported that the UK and US were “considering” sanctions against Russia, they didn’t mention that it had already begun and included Russia’s most westernized news organization, Ruptly, or as we know them… RT. Banks in the UK have canceled the accounts of the Russian media, leaving a huge challenge for RT to function.

RT reported:

The bank’s move creates “formidable obstacles for the normal work of the [RT] channel in the UK,” the ministry said, adding that it raises suspicions that it was “an action aimed at eliminating a media outlet, which was unfavorable for the British establishment but popular among the British public.”

What freedom of speech?

Translation of tweet by RT Editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan: “They closed our accounts in Britain. All of them. ‘Decision not to be discussed’. Long live freedom of speech!”


Note the emphatic tone of this letter



“RT has a lot of viewers in Britain. Many British people now tune in to RT to receive information on major topics around the world, including in Britain. And many British people believe that the alternative accounts that RT puts forward and covers are more truthful than what they’re hearing from, for example, Sky News.

If no bank in Britain would allow RT to be a customer, then that could spell the end of RT broadcasting in Britain, which would be a catastrophic event for freedom of speech in Britain.” publisher Marcus Papadopoulos

What will happen when the the govt turns on us?

The British government has deemed RT a “security threat” because of their challenge to the prevailing narrative of the European governments.

Yes, RT does often have a “glowing view of Putin.” They’re a Russian media. But is that any different than our own mainstream media practically worshiping Obama and Hillary? Sometimes a different media voice is healthy.  Like us, for example.

What will happen when – and it’s almost a given- our own government moves to shut down our alternative media? When our people can’t go anywhere or do anything because no bank will allow them to have an account?

Heads up, Drudge, Breitbart, Infowars, WND, and the rest of us. Get ready.

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