UK Retailer Poundland Stops Selling Kitchen Knives to Combat Crime

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In an effort to stem the tide of knife crimes, UK retailer Poundland, a discount chain, has stopped selling kitchen knives. Seriously. British media say the knife violence is from “youth gangs.” The ban is expected to be picked up by other retailers across their nation. So what happens when all kitchen knives are gone from the retail market? Will ordinary Brits have to use their fingers to cut their food?

Breitbart London reported,

The company, whose stores have been a major fixture on UK high streets since 1990, is the first major retailer to go ahead with the anti-knife measure recently recommended by a judge, and other brands are expected to follow suit, according to the Birmingham Mail.

As of Friday, kitchen knives are no longer available at any of its 59 West Midlands branches, Poundland said, noting that the ban will be extended to all 850 UK stores by the end of the year.

West Midlands is a high crime area, largely due to its “multiculturalism” – lots of  immigrants from different cultures.  But the crimes are up all over Britain – and the knife crimes are just the tip of that problem- rapes are also up.

“Homicide and knife crime rates ‘up in England and Wales’ Cases of homicide and knife crime recorded by police in England and Wales are rising, figures suggest. … 32,448 knife crimes recorded – an increase of 14% on the previous year. 39,355 rapes recorded, up 13%.” BBC report

All liberals deal with problems by blaming the tool instead of the problem itself. In the US, it’s the guns. In the UK, since guns are rigidly controlled, it’s kitchen knives. A judge even recommended blunting the tip of knives so they weren’t so sharp. Political correctness has consequences, and those consequences are coming to fruition before our very eyes.

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