UK Homeowner Stabs Home Invader, Ends Up in Jail for Murder

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A UK homeowner in Hither Green, Southeast London, ended up in jail after two men broke into his home at around 12:45 a.m. local time on Wednesday. At least one of the men was carrying a screwdriver. After a struggle in the 78 year old’s kitchen, one of the men with the screwdriver was stabbed and died at the hospital. The other burglary suspect is still at large. Outrage over the arrest of the homeowner has erupted.

Britain does not have a castle doctrine.

One suspect was armed with a screwdriver, and forced the UK homeowner into the kitchen while his partner ran upstairs. Richard Osborn-Brooks, 78, struggled with two men, one of which was 38 year old Henry Vincent. It is unclear if Vincent was stabbed with the screwdriver, but it seems likely. Mr. Osborn-Brooks has bailed out of jail after being briefly incarcerated for murder. Police are reportedly “investigating.”

Turns out that Vincent was wanted for a similar burglary. Whether or not Mr. Osborn-Brooks will ultimately be charged with murder is unknown at this time. Self-defense is an inherent right for all people.


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