UC Berkeley- Leftist Beats Up Conservative Student

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Berkeley Police responded to the report of a disturbance on Tuesday at around 3:29 p.m. on Upper Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley. They found a man who said he had been punched.

The victim was sitting at a table for the Conservative Group “Turning Point,” when two men approached and an argument broke out. The victim began filming the argument on his phone, and one of the men slapped it out of his hand, according to NBC. That suspect then turned over the Turning Point Table and punched the victim in the face. Police said his nose and eye were damaged in the exchange.

Here is the video from the College Republicans:

The suspect left before police arrived, and they are now seeking the public’s help in locating the man. Tank (Rick Ferran) has a video out that explains his view of the situation.

After watching this video what I am about to say will trigger many young passive conservatives and the like: CALL THIS TOUGH LOVE!! I have been saying this for years, those in the young conservative movement who think they lead, have no business promoting political correctness and passiveness. ‘Turn the other cheek,’ ‘we are better than that,’ ‘we can’t drop to their level’ crap. There’s a place and time for violence and violence does solve many problems especially when dealing with communists. Passiveness is not the answer; it can only get you hurt or even worse, killed.

I don’t expect you to go and start a fight with someone, but like my father taught me as child: don’t start a fight but if someone starts a fight with you, make sure to finish it. I am not mad at the commie antifa Berkeley student beating on the young conservative, that’s expected. What I am, is disappointed at the pathetic attempt of the conservative to defend himself. The pathetic attempt of whoever was live streaming or recording instead of jumping in to stop it.

 Let me tell you a story: as a child growing up in Communism, I would get jumped everyday and every day I had to fight. Every day I had two or three kids waiting for me after school, their parents sent them to beat me up because my family was coming to the United States. I had a tough child hood but it made me a stronger person, things got much tougher when my little sister was born and she started to go to school with me. It wasn’t about me anymore; it was about making sure no one hurt her. I didn’t attend any self defense classes, my father new it was a tough world so he wouldn’t let me come in the house if I got beat up, I had to stay until I finished the fight.

The moral of the story is this:  stand your ground, not only with knowledge, but with courage. Fight and never back down from your beliefs. This Republic of ours one day will need many men (and women) to fight for it and it won’t be veterans and military. It will be normal folks, maybe some who have never picked up a rifle just as our founding fathers before us.

Featured photo: Police photo of suspect in the UC Berkeley attack

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  • Millstone

    So the bully is in jail now right?

    • Faye Higbee

      They were still looking for him at last word. I didn’t see any updates on that this morning

  • Thomas

    One thing about these type bullies they NEVER confront someone who doesnt appear weaker.Lets hope he comes across one that can and will give it back.They are out there.He will slap pee wee and pee wee will turn into the hulk.

  • William

    Bring that bully tactic my way… I’ll put all you commies to sleep…

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