U of South Carolina Students Protest President Finalist Former West Point Superintendent

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About 75 University of South Carolina students lined up to protest against Retired Army Lt Gen Robert L. Caslen, a former West Point Superintendent named as a finalist for President of the University. (Stripes.com) They didn’t want him for a number of liberal reasons: 1) he’s a combat veteran, 2) he stated that reducing binge drinking could curb sexual assault and 3) he didn’t have a doctorate degree. Another reason: he’s white and not a woman.

“We went after this…not only sexual assaults, but we want to take up the contributing measures toward sexual assault, particularly alcohol. We had to spend a lot of time, a lot of energy, toward educating students about the consequences of alcohol, binge drinking, things like that.” Robert Caslen during a forum for the finalists

In a typical overreaction, the students claimed his statement was “insensitive.” Never mind that alcohol is a contributing factor. Not the entire answer, because predators are predators, but it is a contributing factor. But it’s truth and no one wants to hear that.

“There is nothing that can make somebody commit sexual assault except for the person who commits sexual assault.”
Lyric Swinton, USC student protester

The students also didn’t like that he was in the Iraq War and served in Afghanistan during his service. They referred to him as a “crusader.”

“His entire career has been contrary to the values of this institution. We are not crusaders. This is the 21st century.” Ethan Magnuson, USC student

Stripes reported,

“Tensions on campus had been increasing since the presidential finalists were announced and included no women and only one nonwhite person. Those tensions had resulted in a letter signed by more than 40 student organizations and 120 faculty members that call on the university to include more diversity finalists for the president of the university.”

As far as him not possessing a doctorate degree, here’s a newsflash: a lot of famous people didn’t have doctorate degrees. Many excellent leaders didn’t have a hunk of paper or pedigree. That’s not what makes a leader. In fact, sometimes degrees can get in the way.

Caslen was inside the Pentagon on 9-11-2001. He assisted in the recovery and rescue of victims. His awards are extensive. He does not appear to be a typical college snowflake.

The protests may prevent him from being chosen as the President of the University. More than 400 students signed a letter in support of William Tate for president. Students cry for wishy washy leaders that will bend to their whims instead of strong leaders who can really help the institution.

Featured photo: Then-Superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., Army Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen prepares to attend a commencement ceremony on May 26, 2018. JAMES K. MCCANN/U.S. ARMY

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