Tyranny Defeated By Truth…”One Nation Under God” Triumphs

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The ruling of a New Jersey Superior Court Judge has thwarted the 5th attempt of an atheist group’s tyrannical demands to encroach upon and smother the free speech and civil rights of others.  The judge presiding over the case deemed that the efforts of the group, The American Humanist Association, to remove the verbiage “Under God”  from the U.S. National Pledge of Allegiance, were unconstitutional. The group has decided not to pursue the fight.

 one nation under god

God does not discriminate.

Superior Court Judge, David Bauman, ruled recently that the words “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance were not discriminatory.  He stated that the issue was not religious in nature but patriotic.  Bauman went on to say that it was a way to, “transmit core values of duty, honor, pride and fidelity to a country.”  He continued to elaborate, saying that the pledge was an expression of patriotism as opposed to an endorsement of religious beliefs.

In Judge Bauman’s words…..”Subjective feelings do not and cannot serve as a constitution litmus test for equal protection.”  Thus defending the right to free speech.

The All American Fight

The case took on a life of its own and became an American crusade when New Jersey high school student, Samantha Jones, recognized that her freedom of expression rights were being threatened.  Samantha conveyed her thoughts on the subject explaining that ever since she was little she had recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  She continued stating that the pledge, “sums up the values that make our country great.  The phrase “Under God” protects all Americans — even atheists.  It reminds the government that it can’t take away basic human rights because it didn’t create them.

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty assisted Samantha and all citizens by defending those who value their God given rights.  They may continue to exercise their freedom of speech while reciting, “one nation under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Justice Triumphs….Dissenters can’t silence everyone.

The message today is loud and clear: “God is not a dirty word”, said Eric Rassbach, Deputy General Counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.  “The pledge of allegiance isn’t a prayer and reciting it doesn’t magically create an official state religion.  The pledge in the tradition of Washington’s Farewell Address or Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is not a prayer to God but a statement about who we are as a nation.  Dissenters have every right to sit out the pledge, but they can’t silence everyone.”

The atheist group filing the law suit has 45 days to appeal the ruling, but has decided to cease pursuing litigation.

“One Nation Under God” triumphs.



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