Two Mexican Americans Burn the Mexican Flag- Find Out Why!

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Two Mexican Americans Burn the Mexican Flag- Find Out Why!

Do you know what I find extremely shocking? The amount of supposed “Hispanics or Mexican” Veterans crying about seeing the Mexican flag being burned and saying they are upset and angry about it, claiming that they are just as upset and angry if someone burned the American flag?  This is the FIRST TIME since I created this community of ours (that is six years old) that I have ever seen anyone of these supposed Veterans who claim they love America, but are crying over a Mexican flag first.

Which flag matters the most to you?

Where the hell were you when we posted the videos of the Mexicans in California burning the American flag? Or when the Mexican kids were flipping off  Trump supporters and cursing them out? I don’t remember seeing any of you being so upset then? First of all the guys in the video are Mexican, born in Mexico.

Screenshot from te video on Uncle Sam’s Page

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children DID NOT BURN anything. Are you a U.S. veteran? So isn’t this the “freedom of speech” we supposedly fought for and made our oath?

Even Michael Savage called for his listeners to burn the Mexican flag. An American man from Tucson went to jail back in 2006 for burning the Mexican flag. But burning the American flag is “free speech.”

See, I find it really hypocritical, as a LEGAL real HISPANIC immigrant and US Marine Veteran, to see the amount of butt hurt from people that #1 don’t even speak Spanish #2 have no association with Mexico except they eat tacos, and have a Hispanic last name, and yet somehow they are more upset with this video done by Mexicans with a love and respect for their new Country the US of A, and who are just practicing their freedom of speech.

It’s shocking that you all aggressively comment on this as if someone stole your burro, but not one of you commented like this when we’ve posted things about the American flag being burned.

Blaming Trump

As to blaming Trump, he has never once disrespected MEXICO, or AMERICA for that matter, and what you see in the Video posted on our page is the response of real Mexicans, (not whites) in the USA pissed off at their own UNGRATEFUL people who were protesting in California.

Here is my two cents considering the amount of safe spaces I provide for so many, I am a legal Hispanic immigrant.  I am not confused as to what nation holds my loyalty, and even though I wasn’t born in the USA, if someone burns the Cuban flag in protest for the acts of communism, dictatorship and human rights abuse, I would light the Match.

Are you confused where your loyalty is?  Like a transgender who doesn’t know what bathroom to use? See my point? I have no “feelings” for any flag except my American flag.

Once you take the oath to become an American, and have the privilege of serving in our military, you are not a Mexican American or Cuban American, you are an American and it’s time you start acting like it. It doesn’t matter what we say or do, some coward somewhere is going to find it offensive, so you might as well give them something to really cry about.

I have seen enough countries and ungrateful sob’s burning the American flag, that I don’t care one bit for anyone else except Lady Liberty.

What has Mexico done for you?

For all of you talking about “heritage” I guarantee you couldn’t explain the colors and symbolism of the Mexican flag. I guarantee you couldn’t name the last ten presidents of Mexico, let alone sing the Mexican national anthem. I guarantee you could not name a single part of history except that Texan Mexicans kicked their asses.

You want to talk about heritage?  I wonder how the Texan Mexicans who wanted their independence from Mexico feel about your so-called heritage.

What has Mexico done for you lately? Please tell me again about your love for Mexico, that everyone is coming to American soil to escape that hell of a place? What has the Mexican government done for you or the last 100 years of the Mexican history outside of just given you a blood line? … Yes, I know…it’s Trump’s fault… Gotcha

So which matters most to YOU?

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