Two Hellfire Missiles Found on Passenger Plane Bound for US

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Two Hellfire Missiles Found on Passenger Plane Bound for US

Belgrade, Serbia – KATU reports that Serbian officials have found 2 missiles with “explosive warheads” in a cargo crate on an Air Serbia passenger jet from Lebanon to Serbia. The crate was tagged to Portland, Oregon.

With all the security at international airports, how did this “cargo” get on board the flight in the first place?

hellfire missiles

AGM-114 Hellfire Missile – two of these were found aboard a passenger plane and tagged for Portland, Oregon

Destination: U.S.

N1 Television out of Serbia reports that two guided armor-piercing AGM-114 Hellfire missiles were found in a wooden crate that listed the final destination as Portland, Oregon. The approximately 5 foot long missiles were found by a bomb sniffing dog at the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade.

“We confirm that a package that headed towards a remote destination was found earlier this day in Belgrade airport, thanks to the strict measures of security control… The air carried assists investigation, security and reliability — are Air Serbia’s top priorities.” Air Serbia statement

The missiles can be installed on helicopters, planes and armored vehicles, and can be used in air, sea, or land-based platforms. The missiles cost about $110,000. each, and can cover about 5 miles at Mach 1.3. Originally developed for precision strikes, they  now are used also by Predator Drones. Most are laser-guided. They weigh about 100 pounds each.

Air Serbia is assisting with the investigation.

Serbian military officials state that “in no way were those types of missiles ever to be transported on a passenger jet.” (Duh). Both missiles were seized. They said that though military flights routinely land in Beirut, no one is  allowed to transport such items in a passenger plane. They are looking into how the missiles ended up in the cargo hold of the civilian aircraft.

The FBI was advised of the incident and says they are “looking into it” but gave no other information.




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