Two Fresno Citizens Help Police Arrest Armed Gang Member

 In 2nd Amendment

Two Fresno citizens helped police arrest a known gang member who shot at officers with a sawed-off shotgun.  One of those citizens was armed and shot at the suspect, the other tackled him to the ground. The suspect was shot in the chest and will survive.

Two officers on patrol at around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday attempted to effect a traffic stop on a speeding vehicle. The driver crashed the car, and both driver and passenger jumped out. The driver had a sawed-off shotgun.

Michael Sanchez, 29, torched off several rounds at Fresno police officers as he ran. They took cover and returned fire.

“As the driver began running from the officers, he turned and began firing at officers. Fearing for their safety, the officers returned fire.” Captain Joey Alvarez, Fresno Police

As the suspect attempted to flee, he brandished his weapon at an armed citizen. (Big mistake).  That citizen fired several rounds at the suspect. Sanchez dropped to the ground as he was struck, but immediately got up and ran again.

“The individual brandished the gun at him and fearing for his safety, the citizen also shot at our suspect.” Captain Alvarez

The suspect ran to an apartment complex and tried to force his way into an apartment. But another citizen tackled the armed suspect and held him until police arrived.

“A Good Samaritan was present and actually tackled the individual, and officers caught up and were able to take him into custody.” Captain Alvarez

Photo via Fresno Police of sawed-off shotgun used by the suspect

Sanchez was arrested and booked into jail on charges of Felon in Possession of a firearm, and two counts of Attempted Murder of a Police Officer, according to ABC30.

The passenger, identified as Luis Longinos was located later in the evening at the residence where the vehicle was registered. He was released after questioning, according to Yourcentralvalley.

Think about this situation: first, Sanchez was a known gang member, and a felon. He didn’t care that he was a felon who shouldn’t have a gun, he didn’t care that he had an illegal weapon, nor did he care that he was shooting at police or trying to break into someone’s home. Criminals do not care about gun laws!

The armed citizen slowed him down and the other citizen stopped him. They helped police capture the bad guy.  Police cannot be everywhere at once. Being armed does make a difference not just for our own safety, but for the safety of others. It is a God-given right even in the midst of a pandemic. In this case, no Fresno police officers were injured, no Fresno citizens were injured, and the bad guy was arrested. And THAT’s how it’s done, America.


Featured photo: Fresno Police mugshot of Michael Sanchez


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  • Nomoreracecards

    Only shame is the thug surviving. Should have been able to send him home in a body bag..

  • Don balser

    Sign me u

  • Nace

    my first question is did the armed citizen have a ccw ? and if not will he be charged for carrying a gun? but i am very glad he stoped the felon and saved the live’s of the two officers..

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