Twin Explosions In Damascus Kill 74: Death Toll Rising

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Syria – Muslim terrorists continue to wage war with the connected branches of Islam by perpetrating an attack near Bab al-Saghir, in Damascus, a location where a majority of the Shiite Muslim pilgrims reside. The culprits behind the attack that claimed responsibility are a Sunni rebel (terrorist) group, Fateh Al-Sham Front, an Al-Qaeda affiliate.

Reports are vague as far as the sequence of events. It is believed that the first explosion went off at the hands of a suicide bomber in the midst of Shiite shrines where many Shiite pilgrims were gathered. Approximately fifteen minutes later a second blast went off while others began to surround the already perilous scene.  The second explosion appears to have been a roadside bomb.

The exact death toll is also unclear. Various media outlets stated the casualties were anywhere from 40-60, with the wounded and critically injured at 120. Preliminary numbers say that the death toll has risen to 74.  The area has since been shut off.

Emerging pictures and videos of the area display blood mingled with shoes, strips of clothing, empty wheelchairs, and shrapnel scattered through the streets. White public transport buses with cracked windshields, flat tires, and blown out windows sit eerily deserted. Earlier photos show cars on fire and smashed by bricks and debris from blown out apartment buildings, and children comforting each other no doubt searching for their parents through the chaos.

A rebel group has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Sunni extremist groups view Shiites as apostates and consider shrines a form of idolatry. A similar attack last year was also claimed by Sunni militant groups.

Despite the cultural differences between the international communities, the progressive violence displayed in Syria has created devastating scenes for the world to bear. We could only hope that world governments would bind together in defeating the empty morality of Muslim terrorists.

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