Turkish Artillery Lands Near US Forces in Syria

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No injuries occurred when Turkish artillery rounds  landed near Kobane at around 9 p.m. local time on Friday. And US forces believe it was deliberate.

“The incident occurred within a few hundred meters of a location outside the Security Mechanism zone and in an area known by the Turks to have U.S. forces present…The United States remains opposed to the Turkish military move into Syria and especially objects to Turkish operations outside the Security Mechanism zone and in areas where the Turks know U.S. forces are present. The U.S. demands that Turkey avoid actions that could result in immediate defensive action.” Navy Capt. Brook DeWalt, Pentagon Spokesman

The Turkish artillery

So the Turks did know about the US presence there and fired off the rounds anyway. They claimed that they made every effort not to harm US forces, and stopped the shelling after speaking with the US. But…our forces are saying that the artillery fire was INTENTIONAL.

Turkey’s invasion has displaced 100,000 people so far, and killed at least 100 Kurdish fighters, and numerous civilians.

Fox noted:

Turkish troops and their allied Syrian opposition forces have advanced up to 5 miles into Syrian territory, Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay told TRT World television. Turkey has said the military intends to move 9 miles into Syria and that its operation will last until all “terrorists are neutralized.”

Turkey’s hard line Islamic leader, Tayyip Erdogan, is not a friend of the US, as we have frequently told you. Thousands of “high value” ISIS members have been left behind as Turkey ramped up its invasion. The SDF stated that they can’t fight both places, so warned that the prisoners would likely be unguarded.

Part of the “agreement” with Turkey was that they would guard them…which has already gone by the wayside. Turkey doesn’t view ISIS the same as we do. Neither, by the way, do Assad’s forces, and Russia, who are reportedly headed to the Turkish invasion point to “head them off” after an agreement with the Kurds. The Turkish artillery fire was just a clip of what may be happening in northern Syria.

We can’t pull our troops all the way out of Syria due to the ISIS fight, according to Military Times. They are moving the approximately 1,000 troops in Northern Syria further away from the invasion.

“In the last 24 hours, we learned that [the Turks] likely intend to extend their attack further south than originally planned, and to the west. We also have learned in the last 24 hours that the … SDF are looking to cut a deal, if you will, with the Syrians and the Russians to counterattack against the Turks in the north… And so we find ourselves, we have American forces likely caught between two opposing advancing armies, and it’s a very untenable situation. So I spoke with the president last night, after discussions with the rest of the national security team, and he directed that we begin a deliberate withdrawal of forces from northern Syria.” Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

This situation is getting pretty complicated. Russian and Syrian forces joining with the Kurds against Turkey…with the US almost getting sandwiched in the middle. Messy.

Featured photo: screenshot via Kurdistan24


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