Turkey’s Safe Zone – Kurdish and American Blood on Obama’s Hands

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Recently, we reported that Turkey began to target Kurdish forces with air strikes as they “joined the coalition” against ISIS.  They denied that they were targeting the Kurds, and yet this morning, a headline from yesterday’s Los Angeles Times reads “Turkey Steps Up Bombing, but on Kurds, not Islamic State.”

safe zone

A Turkish plane takes off from Incirlik airbase

The “Safe Zone” – targeting Americans too

And why, you ask, would this be? Because Obama made a deal with Turkey to create a “safe zone” between Turkey and Syria.  Their definition of a safe zone includes taking out their long time nemesis, the Kurds or PKK. It has nothing whatever to do with taking out ISIS. And Obama knew it.

At issue is the fact that the Kurdish fighters have been the only effective fighting force against ISIS on the ground. Plus the numerous Americans that have joined them to fight the Islamic State.

safe zone

Photo of Turkish air strikes on Kurdish target – photo from Anadolu news

The LA Times wrote:

Turkey’s push for a “safe zone” in northern Syria in cooperation with the United States is designed to thwart Kurdish militia fighters from extending their control of the Syrian side of Turkey’s southern border, Selahattin Demirtas, leader of the Kurdish-oriented People’s Democratic Party, told the BBC.

“Turkey doesn’t intend to target IS with this safe zone,” Demirtas told the British broadcaster, using an acronym for Islamic State. “The safe zone is intended to stop the Kurds, not IS.”

For the Turkish leader’s part, he  has intended all along to rid himself of the PKK over what he has termed terrorist activities. The long fought for peace agreement between Turkey and the Kurds is now, according to accounts, hanging by a “thread.”

The move may be tied to revenge by Tayyip Erdogan, after the party tied to the Kurds blocked his plan for a super-majority by winning seats in Turkey’s governing legislature.

The U.S. – Turkey agreement gave the United States access to Turkish landing fields from which to launch coalition airstrikes. But the permission to use those bases does not extend to backing Syrian Kurds with the airstrikes.

Blood on Obama’s hands

So in effect, Obama now has the blood of not just those who have been killed by the Islamic State that he fostered in the beginning, but Americans and Kurds who have chosen to fight against ISIS.


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