Tucker Carlson – Are The McCloskey’s Alone After Death Threats and Possibility of Attack?

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The McCloskey’s, Mark and Patricia, the St Louis Attorneys who defended their home recently from protesters who came in through the private entrance to their private street, are afraid of a potential attack this weekend. They told Tucker Carlson that the police, and even private security firms have backed away from them. The Governor has not called, nor has he deployed the State Police. They feel alone.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson stated,

“A couple of nights ago, we talked to a man from St. Louis called Mark McCloskey. Last weekend, McCloskey and his wife sat down for dinner in the backyard of their home. Suddenly, a mob of screaming BLM fanatics, hundreds of them, burst through the gate and threatened to murder the McCluskey’s and then kill their dog. But the story didn’t end there, unfortunately, we’re here to tell you tonight. After appearing on this show, Mark McCloskey and his wife were bombarded with death threats. Many of them credible…

Today, they learned of another coordinated attack on them that is planned for this weekend. They immediately called police. The dispatcher put them on hold and then finally transfer them to an officer. The officer didn’t seem to be listening to anything the McCluskey’s (sic) said. “We’ll call you back,” police said, and they never did.

Desperate, the McCluskey’s (sic)then called a number of different private security firms, but not one of them would take the job of protecting them. The owner of the last company McClosky (sic) spoke to advise(d) them to flee immediately.

Quote, “The only advice I can give you is abandon the house, run. Let the mob have its way, let it burn.”

But the McCluskey’s (sic) are not running. They have spent thirty-two years rebuilding their home and they plan to defend themselves. They have no choice. They are completely alone. No one will come to their aid.”

(Note: (sic) means there is a misspelled word. In this case it should be McCloskey).

Are the McCloskey’s scared? Likely terrified. Tucker Carlson stated he could hear Patricia sobbing in the background of the phone call when he spoke again with Mark McCloskey. Death threats are alarming, even if most of them are likely keyboard warriors. It only takes one follow-through to create a tragedy. The McCloskey Law website is temporarily down. The McCloskeys have reportedly boarded up the lower level of their home office to protect the windows from being shattered.

Governor Mike Parson has not contacted the couple, according to Carlson. Hoping that the GOP governor would deploy state troopers to protect them is probably an unfulfilled hope, depending upon their guidelines for deployment in an emergency situation.

Leftist news outlets like Mediaite called Carlson’s concerns overblown because they saw no evidence that there was violence from the protesters. From the side of the McCloskey’s, things looked terrifying, with media coverage of other situations fresh in their minds.

“American citizens trapped in their home by a violent mob, knowing that something awful could happen to them very soon. Totally undefended. This is your country.” Tucker Carlson

Featured photo: Screenshot via Fox


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  • Pam Burton

    Why were they targeted? I’d love to hear the first part of the story.

  • Roy Payne

    They need to call this group, Oath Keepers. They have provided security for a number of high risk events like Trump rallies and 2nd Amendment protests.

  • jpubic

    If we can’t lock them up for life or deport them.. then attach all future earning for life to pay for the damages.

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