Tucker Carlson Alleged That NYT Doxes Him in an Article This Week- Is That “Journalism”?

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Tucker Carlson alleges that the NYT doxes him in an article set for publication this week. That would mean they followed him to his new home and planned to publish his new address so that the lunatic lefties could find him and perhaps harm his family.

In November of 2018, a group of Antifa goons went to his home and threatened his wife and children, calling him a racist. They stood in front of his home and chanted “Tucker Carlson we will fight! We know where you sleep at night!”

They broke in his oak door, and scrawled Antifa symbols on his driveway. He received letters that threatened his family’s lives. After trying to stay, he and his family moved away out of a neighborhood they really loved for their own safety.

For its part, the New York Times denies they were planning to publish Carlson’s new address.

“There is absolutely no reason for the NY Times to do this, unless of course it is to intimidate Tucker Carlson – or anyone who has views like him. This isn’t ‘reporting’ and should be condemned by any news entity who has any credibility left.” Rep. Eric A. “Rick” Crawford, R-Ark.

The main problem with Tucker Carlson’s report is that his fans allegedly took it upon themselves dox Murray Carpenter, the reporter that would allegedly write the article, as well as the photographer. I say allegedly because most of the news reports about this situation were from MSM news media. So now, Carlson is being accused of causing THAT situation. IF his fans did what the media claims, it was a foolish move on their part just to give the reporter “a taste of his own medicine.” (Forbes)

Carlson also was accused of sexual harrassment along with Sean Hannity just prior to his recent hiatus. Ed Henry was accused of rape and was fired from the show earlier this month. Fox has denied the allegations against both Carlson and Hannity. Then there’s the old online posts that came up from Carlson’s former head writer, Blake Neff, accusing him of “racist, homophobic and misogynistic” statements. The left is doing their level best to destroy Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity or anyone who holds similar views – “by any means necessary.”

The NYT and its leftist followers hates Tucker Carlson and any other Conservatives. They want them gone and will use any possible avenue of attack. They are unconscionable liars. And they are doing it because 1) they hate Trump and 2) they can’t stand anyone who disagrees with them.

“What is being done to Tucker and his family is so wrong in so many ways. I thought the @nytimescouldn’t get anymore disgustingly evil. I was wrong.” @lindasuhler

“What were you planning to do? Tucked named names. Clearly you were up to something.” @cernovich

Featured photo: screenshot of Tucker Carlson’s show


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