TSA Found Missile Launcher in Checked Bag. Just a Souvenir…

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Back in the “old days”, service members returning from war brought back “souvenirs”… everything from daggers to flags to inert hand grenades. It’s pretty common. But when the TSA found an inert missile launcher in a service member’s checked baggage, he didn’t get to keep it.

TSA found the missile launcher at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

Most people commenting on the tweet said it was just a harmless tube that had already expended its missile and couldn’t even be loaded again. So why did he have to give it up?

One person said: It’s actually an empty tube that has already expended its missile and is literally unable to be refired. Congrats: you found something literally unable to cause harm to anyone unless you bonk your head on it. But we didn’t need further evidence that TSA is terrible at its job.

But my personal favorite is from a Marine: “TSA person wants it for their own.”

Now that one makes more sense.

Stars and Stripes reported:

TSA officers called airport police who found the man and detained him for questioning. The unidentified traveler said he was in the military and coming home from Kuwait. He said he wanted to keep the weapon as a souvenir.

The TSA said the missile launcher was “not a live device.” But it was handed over to the state fire marshal for disposal.

Surprisingly, they didn’t keep him for long, and allowed him to catch his flight home. He is from Jacksonville, Texas.

Souvenirs are common

Back in 2017, a US Marine veteran returned a Japanese flag to the family that gave it as a good luck piece for their loved one. It was the Marine’s “souvenir” but he knew of its importance to the Japanese family.

A Pearl Harbor survivor toted a piece of shrapnel around that nearly took off his head for his entire military career. After he retired, he had it mounted with a small plaque.

That piece of shrapnel almost killed an Army Air Corps communications private on December 7, 1941. Now THAT’s a souvenir.

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