Trump’s Tulsa Rally – What The Media Isn’t Telling You

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President Trump has been ridiculed for the crowd size at his Tulsa Rally on June 20, but there are many things the media has not told you. For one, the Chinese app TikTok had users who pushed phony ticket requests online, which puffed up the numbers of supposed attendees. But the main problem was the way the rally was administered and counted – it left thousands of people outside the venue with no way to get inside. There was also the fear of violence from Antifa and BLM.

Karen Hardin, who attended the rally, wrote in a blog at that reads in part,

  1. The announcement that 800K had pre-registered for a free ticket to the rally actually worked against the president. It opened the door to fear, attack, and ridicule. Suddenly, COVID and social distancing flooded the news and they used that large number to instill panic. While the protests and riots of the previous 2-3 weeks were of no concern for spreading the virus, suddenly as Trump hit the campaign trail, COVID numbers were announced to be spiking all over the nation—even Tulsa.

(President Trump mentioned this problem in the beginning of his speech on June 20.) Fear was once again unleashed. Additionally, there was a fear of violence from reports of Black Lives Matter and Antifa intimidation at the rally. Plus, the projected requirement of standing in line and maneuvering through a predicted massive crowd kept many home who might have otherwise attended.

  1. In order to enter the rally, we had to first go through a temperature screening and receive a green wrist band showing we were cleared. It was a process just to get in. By 5:00 p.m., the screeners were mysteriously gone. Evidently they were told, “Go home,” by the event center staff. I can’t confirm who gave the order, but the screeners did indeed leave 2 hours before the event started. What that meant is no one else could enter the rally from that point on, leaving long lines of people still waiting to get in, frustrated as they were told the rally was “full.” Which it wasn’t. It was an orchestrated lie to keep attendees out. They wouldn’t even let them into the overflow area which remained empty during the rally.
  2. The media reported “less than 6200” in attendance according to an “official in the Tulsa Fire Department” who didn’t even attend the event. I personally called the TFD regarding that statement. What I learned is that they are NEVER called for these numbers at events. They could only report the click counters of fire marshals who were not at every entrance. The number wasn’t anywhere near accurate, as is clearly seen by the pictures… It was a set up.

A friend at the rally did go ask a BOK official, which is where the attendance numbers are released, for an approximate headcount. It was 10K-11K around 5:00 p.m. The narrative of low attendance was a lie, although the rally wasn’t full.

  1. If there was such a high projected number of those who might attend, why did the Event Center run out of food partway through the day? Strange right? They handle huge events like Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks all the time and yet they were strangely unprepared for this event. Inept or intentional?
  2. Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups DID show up at the rally despite the reports to say all remained peaceful. To be clear, overall it WAS a peaceful event compared to what is seen in many cities. However, protesters were here trying to block gates and keep attendees out… At one point the Tulsa Police Department and National Guard, who were there enforce, had to close the gates into the rally to gain control. One gate was never reopened. Again, a tactic to keep people out…

The media narrative is that the “low attendance” caused the rally to “fizzle.” Not really. There was sabotage afoot both at the event center and with the online tickets. Hopefully, the Republicans will learn from those problems and institute corrections. Fox News had their biggest audience in the history of their network as millions upon millions tuned in for their coverage of the rally. And that’s not counting all the other livestream media that had millions watching.

Pay attention to what happened and remember: this election depends on your vote. If you refuse to vote for Trump because of his personality, the alternative will destroy the nation.

Featured photo: Screenshot via NBC


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  • carl Davison

    When they play dirty, it’s hard to not react in the same fasion, gather information that’s true, hit back with that. Until then, wait for the whites of their eyes, and quiet them as gently as possible, for they do not know what they’re doing

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