Trump’s “Testy” Confrontation at NATO Summit in Brussels…Russians!

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The NATO Summit kicked off with what most media described as a “testy breakfast meeting” with President Trump. He took Germany to task for building a pipeline for gas from Russia that bypasses all the other NATO nations. And Trump isn’t the only one who is angry about it.

You can listen to the exchange here:

One issue is that Germany is considered the powerhouse of the European Economy, but it still has not met the 2% requirement for payment to the United States. The other issue is the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which goes directly from Russia to Germany, bypassing countries like Ukraine along the way and doubling the amount of natural gas. Some members of the European Union in addition to the United States are in opposition to it because itmakes them dependent on Russia, according to the Guardian.

“But how can you be together when you’re getting energy from the group you want protection from?” President Trump

The pipeline does, in fact make Germany beholden to Russia, which is why Trump made the comment that they were “controlled” by the very enemy they want the US to protect them from.  They can give billions to Russia but have trouble coming up with just 2% of their GDP for their fair share of military assistance.

Trump is all about being fair to the United States. NATO and others around the world have used us as sugar daddy for long enough. This President doesn’t mince words.

And if course, John Kerry says it was “strange” and “counterproductive” and destroyed our “reputation.” If he hated it, we like it. And in case he’s still deaf on the point, his former boss literally destroyed the United States in other countries by being a pansy. We’ll take tough talk any day.

The President met with Emmanuel Macron of France and Angela Merkel and said they were working on military and trade issues.

The President goes from Brussels to the UK, where they are in turmoil over the Brexit, and a big Baby Trump blimp is flying over London (thanks to Sadiq Khan, their mayor).

He will then fly to Scotland for the weekend, where he owns a couple of golf courses. Then on Monday, he flies to Helsinki to meet with Putin. That has the liberals in a complete lather. Chuck Schumer stated that Trump should not “meet with Putin alone.”

Trump described his meeting with “competitor” Putin as probably easier than the one with NATO and Britain.  He probably said it that way to keep the Democrats freaked out. It’s working perfectly.

Featured photo: Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg with Trump at the NATO Summit screenshot via Fox

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