Trump’s Newest Endorsement – from “across the Pond”

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Donald Trump received an endorsement yesterday former Army British Chief of Defense, Lord David Richards, a former General. He believes Trump has the right instincts to make the world safer.

The Daily Mail reported,

Former Chief of the Defence Staff Lord Richards has endorsed Donald Trump for the White House, claiming the controversial Republican will make the world safer.

The ex-head of the British Army rubbished claims Mr Trump’s bombastic interventions on foreign policy would undermine Nato and threaten security…

…I think he is wise enough to get good people round him and probably knows that he’s got to listen to them, and therefore I think we should not automatically think it will be less safe.’

Turning to the Democratic rival for the White House, Lord Richards told the magazine: ‘Unless she’s prepared to do this properly and go to war with Russia, she shouldn’t talk about no-fly zones and nor should we.

‘We would have to shoot down Russian aircraft in order to impose it. Do we really want to go to a shooting war over Aleppo?’

The Endorsement of another General – this time from the UK

Lord David Richards was UK Defense Chief under David Cameron between 2010 and 2013. While he stated he “has no love” for Bashar Al-Assad, he says  that there is no way for the opposition groups to win in Syria, and advocates allowing Assad to win as quickly as possible.

Abandoning the Syrian rebel forces, he says, is the most direct way to solve the Syrian situation, in spite of Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons. That is a largely controversial statement with regard to American policy in the region.

Lord Richards believes strongly that Hillary Clinton’s stance on a no-fly zone over Aleppo would adversely affect international security. He has in the past told reporters that if the US and UK both deployed soldiers to Syria,  “ISIS would be defeated in 6 months.”


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