Trump’s Naval Academy Graduation Speech – Inheriting the Legacy

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The US Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, had 1,042 graduates this year, and President Trump shook the hands of every single one.  Why would he stay for 90 minutes to do that? Because he loves America and he loves the troops.  The legacy of honor, valor, and strength from those who have fallen in battle comes now to this class. And this President did not disappoint in his support for them.

The following is a portion of his speech to the 2018 Naval Academy graduating class.

“Each of you inherits the legacy of the heroes who came before you. It’s a living history passed down from officer to officer and generation to generation. Each of you will make your own mark on the Navy, the Marine Corps, the military, and the history of our great nation. Seize today and you will shape tomorrow.

In a few moments, you will be commissioned into the mightiest fighting forces of the air, the land, and the sea. Together, you will blast off carriers of which we are just now finishing, the largest aircraft carrier in the world, and launch off submarines of which we have many under construction, and ward off evil.

You will bring comfort to our friends and strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. Among our graduates today will be 283 naval aviators, 134 submariners, 256 surface-warfare officers, 70 restricted-line officers, and 15 explosive-ordnance-disposal officers. Two-hundred-and-thirty-six United States Marines, and 35 very tough, very well conditioned Navy SEALs.

Together, you are the tip of the spear, the edge of the blade, and the front of the shield defending and protecting our great country. You know, there is no mission our pilots can’t handle. There is no hill our Marines can’t take, and there is no stronghold the SEALs can’t reach. There is no sea the Navy can’t brave, and there is no storm the American sailor can’t conquer. Because you know that together, there is nothing Americans can’t do. Absolutely nothing.

In recent years and even decades, too many people have forgotten that truth. They have forgotten that our ancestors trounced an empire, tamed a continent, and triumphed over the worst evils in history. In every generation, there have been cynics and critics that try to tear down America. But in recent years, the problem grew worse. A growing number used their platforms to denigrate America’s incredible heritage, challenge America’s sovereignty, and weaken America’s pride.

We know the truth, will speak the truth, and defend that truth. America is the greatest fighting force for peace, justice, and freedom in the history of the world. And in case you have not noticed, we have become a lot stronger lately. A lot. We are not going to apologize for America. We are going to stand up for America. No more apologies. We are going to stand up for our citizens. We are going to stand up for our values. And we are going to stand up for our men and women in uniform.”


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