Trump’s National Security Team- Libs already crying wolf

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President-Elect Donald Trump has chosen three people for his National Security team: Mike Pompeo for CIA director, Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn for National Security Advisor, and Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. They have all accepted the positions. But the liberals are already crying wolf, creating nasty narratives against them.

Mike Pompeo, West Point Graduate, Army veteran, for CIA Director



The Congressman from Kansas is a Tea Party member. He is one of two Congress members who sent a letter to Attorney General Lynch demanding answers to 13 questions about the Iran cash transfer…and through Peter Kadzik, an assistant DOJ attorney, she plead the 5th. You can read about that here:

Loretta Lynch ‘Pleads the 5th’ on Iran Ransom Cash

A reporter, Charlie Savage, for The New York Times is already gearing up to put out their usual dirt in their “Let’s find something to ding the Republican pick” mode.

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Army), Trump’s pick for National Security Adviser


Lt. Gen. Flynn is the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, among many other defense and National Security posts. His tenure at the DIA was cut short after a conflict with the Obama Administration. Libs are calling him an “islamophobe.”

He has numerous medals for his hands on approach to service:

Defense Meritorious Service Medal
Defense Superior Service Medal (2 oak leaf clusters)
Legion of Merit (oak leaf cluster)
Bronze Star Medal (3 oak leaf clusters)
Meritorious Service Medal (5 oak leaf clusters)
Joint Service Commendation Medal
Army Commendation Medal(5 oak leaf clusters)

Again, the liberal media is after him hard and fast, saying that his “relationship to Russia” is “troubling.” They are bashing him because he attended a dinner celebrating the Russian owned news media RT. While that news organization does produce some propaganda, not all of their US reporters are Putin clones and some of them appear to report better than US liberal reporters. Just sayin’.

Jeff Sessions, Army veteran, Trump’s pick for Attorney General


Sessions is a strong conservative Republican. He served as US Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama for 12 years. When Reagan nominated him for a judgeship in 1986 in the Southern District, he was rejected because of some comments that were viewed as “racist.” But he was elected by the people of Alabama as their Attorney General in 1994, and has served since 1996 in the Senate.

The liberals are throwing a fit over this choice to be AG of the United States.

Once again the avalanche of liberal hysteria is aimed at all Trump nominees for the positions in our government. Screams of racist, Islamophobe, xenophobe, and Russian spy (as well as other more colorful terms) have been leveled already.

Trump is like a Salmon swimming upstream with every Grizzly Bear in world trying to catch and eat him and anyone allied with him.

Grizzly Bear Photo by Peter Dangler

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