Trump’s Cabinet Picks – Draining the Swamp

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UPDATE: Trump’s Cabinet pick for one Cabinet post changed today – he has asked Montana Congressmen Ryan Zinke to head the Department of Interior rather than Cathy McMorris Rodgers. She will stay in the House of Representatives after all. Ryan Zinke is a US Navy Seal Veteran.


During the campaign, Trump pledged to right this ship of state – put us back in a direction that would bring safety to the people and “Make America Great Again.” Trump’s cabinet picks are revealing for his method of “draining the swamp.”

We’ve already discussed his top 3 choices for National Security: James Mattis- SecDef, John Kelly- DHS, and Mike Flynn- National Security Adviser. All had conflicts with the Obama administration over strategy and procedure.

Then there is Nikki Haley -Ambassador to the UN, Steve Bannon, Chief strategist, Steve Mnuchin- Secretary of the Treasury, Jeff Sessions – Attorney General, Wilbur Ross – Secretary of Commerce, Elaine Chao -Transportation Secretary, Mike Pompeo – CIA Director.

But here are a few others:

Rex Tillerson, Exxon CEO – Secretary of State. Now why would Trump pick the head of a major oil company for the Secretary of State position?  Why not a politician? Tillerson has well established ties to other countries- not just Russia, by the way. As a businessman he understands deal making. With already established relationships, he’ll be able to deal with people from other nations on a level footing. This one likely sets up a fight in the Congress over the nomination, all because of the “Russia” connection.

Rick Perry, former Texas Governor- Secretary of Energy. Governor Perry is a USAF veteran, and was overseer of a state that has numerous oil interests. He has been openly critical of the Energy Department and at one time advocated getting rid of it entirely. Major swamp draining technique here. This also could be a fight.

See update: Rep Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) – Secretary of the Interior. The previous Secretary, Sally Jewell, was a “climate change” believer. Rodgers is the exact opposite. Jewell ignored numerous pleas of everyone from ranchers to wild horse advocates during her term as the BLM ran rough shod over both because of “grazing rights” and access to land claimed by the BLM. Rodgers promises a fresh approach. She is also veteran friendly.

Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma Attorney General – EPA Administrator. Pruitt is another person who has been openly critical of the EPA’s regulations demanding adherence to a “climate change” agenda. Environmentalists are throwing a screaming fit over this pick, saying that it will doom us to ‘extinction.’

The EPA has systematically crimped the ability of industries to function. When they first showed up in the early 70s, they were involved in SuperFund cleanup sites. Now they cause them (i.e. Gold King Mine disaster). Mr. Pruitt is likely to act as a major drainer of the swamp. Another fight in the offing.

Andrew Pudzer, CEO of CDK Restaurants (Carl’s Jr, etc)  – Secretary of Labor. Pudzer is a critic of government intervention in labor markets, and believes that raising the minimum wage can cause restaurants and other small businesses to close. He is not a fan of expanding government…a major point that Conservatives have been advocating for decades.

Ben Carson – Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. This pick has many concerned because of Carson’s lack of experience in political office. He grew up in a housing development in the inner city. Ben Carson is a retired neurosurgeon, so he’s no dummy. He’ll learn quickly.

Terry Branstad, Iowa Governor – Ambassador to China. Branstad knows the leader of China, Xi Jinping, personally and calls him a “friend.” The feeling appears to be mutual. This starts the U.S. off on a better footing with someone China knows, even after Trump called Taiwan when the election was over and made them angry.

Betsy DeVos – Secretary of Education. She claims to be against Common Core, but some in her own state of Michigan do not believe her.  Betsy is a Conservative, and in favor of charter schools and school vouchers, but has served in some capacities with organizations that were pro-common core.

Trump has 4,000 picks to make before January 20, 2017, so he and his team are busy.

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