Trump’s Asia Visit: Taco Tuesday with the Troops in South Korea

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President Trump’s Asia visit on Tuesday had a stop to eat lunch with US and ROK troops at Camp Humphreys in South Korea. Only there wasn’t any gourmet fancy food, it was Taco Tuesday. He insisted on eating the same thing the troops were eating… and they appeared to appreciate that their Commander in Chief would sit with them and share their food. He told them it was a “great honor” to have lunch with them. The President of South Korea, Moon Jae-In, also ate with the troops.

Trump’s Asia Visit

“He said he’d rather eat with the troops than at a fancy restaurant. It made me feel like he cared.” Pvt. Merion Holmes, 21, from Georgetown, S.C

“I’m very excited and nervous. I get to meet my commander in chief, my boss. It’s pretty overwhelming to be right next to the president.” Sgt Jerrell Knight – seated on the President’s right

President Trump ate tacos, a burrito, and curly fries. Some Trump-hater will probably call that ‘cultural appropriation.’ But the troops seemed to be genuinely happy to sit with him.

The Manager of the “Provider Grill” had given the Trump team other choices, but he refused, saying he would eat what the troops eat.

Stripes reported,

Trump flew to Humphreys in a helicopter shortly after landing at Osan Air Base on Tuesday to begin his visit to South Korea, the second leg of his first official visit to Asia.

The soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors who had waited for more than an hour applauded as Trump and Moon entered the cafeteria and sat down in pre-arranged seats at a long table.

“Hello everybody; good food,” Trump said to reporters before turning his attention to his dining companions.

He chatted with the troops, and made remarks after the lunch, as did South Korean President Moon Jae-In.




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