Trumpophobia Causing Nightmares, Insomnia, Eating Disorders Among Left

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And you thought menopause was rough? It turns out, the latest condition causing great emotional pain among the nation’s progressives is “Trumpophobia.” Trumpophobia is the fear of the sight, sound, thought, or mention of anything related to President Trump.

The fact that the Left in America have collectively lost their minds since President Trump was elected is well known by now. But more and more of those suffering from Trumpophobia are now seeking professional help to cope with their pain.

Oh, the humanity!

Actress Lena Dunham has lost weight due to not being able to eat because of the “soul-crushing defeat” she felt after Trump’s victory last fall. Singer Barbra Streisand has gained what’s being called “The Trump 15,” a weight gain caused solely by stress she feels over a Trump presidency.


It’s not just the rich, Hollywood whack jobs who are presenting with symptoms of Trumpophobia either. Seemingly “regular” people are complaining that they’re having nightmares because of Trump.

Sweet dreams, cupcakes…

A psychotherapist herself, Donna Moss recalled a recent Trump-induced nightmare:

I dreamed I was in downtown NYC and it was gutted like Armageddon after 9/11. Everyone looked like zombies.

Donna, it sounds like you were just recalling any number of large gatherings of Democrats in New York City since early November. A former nurse is afraid her son and nephew will be sent to a war she doesn’t believe in. (She must be referring to that long-standing tradition of making sure parents are comfortable with a conflict before their child can be sent into battle, right?)

A New Jersey math teacher named Lori is afraid the democratic process is under attack by a nationalist, far-right, authoritarian leader. Guess those were the only talking point buzzwords she could rattle off at the moment.

Fashion designer Ariane says she hasn’t slept a full night since the election. The situation has become so dire that Sharon, from Seattle, has resorted to prayer:

I ask that God will help us with this mess and show us how to help ourselves.

This from the people who booed God at their own convention a few years back? Yes, Trumpophobia is a made up word that has no legitimate meaning – just like Islamophobia, xenophobia, etc. – but that won’t stop liberals from insisting it’s real, and destructive.

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