Trump Unveils Economic Plan for Black Americans, Designates the KKK, Antifa as Terrorist Organizations

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Speaking at a campaign event in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday, President Trump unveiled his economic plan for Black Americans.  Part of that plan designates the KKK and Antifa as terrorist organizations, likely through Executive Action, which is something he has promised to do since 2019. His “Platinum Plan” includes  promising 3 million new jobs for the Black community and creating 500,000 new Black-owned businesses in the U.S..

Trump has already created “Opportunity Zones” that have changed many lives in inner cities. His “First Step Act” also impacted the Black community by creating opportunities for inmates that did not exist before. He believes he can do more.

Opportunity, Security, Prosperity, and Fairness

The four “pillars” of Trump’s plan not only includes the promise of 3 mlllion new jobs and more Black-owned business, it promises to increase home ownership, improve access to broadband, develop easier pathways to credit, and expansion of school choice.

In addition to his designation of the KKK and Antifa as terrorist organizations, he wants a holiday for “Juneteenth,” the anniversary of the end of slavery. The holiday would have to be acted upon by Congress.

Fox5 Atlanta reported,

“The campaign says it will seek “alternative ways to build credit including rent, utilities, and phone bills” and “increase opportunities for small business lending and technical assistance” through Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI), which are private financial institutions that aim to help low-income and other disadvantaged people and communities with affordable lending.”

“Security” – Prosecuting Antifa and KKK as terror groups

Minority business owners have been among the hardest hit by the riots and arson from recent months. Watching Antifa set businesses ablaze has struck at the very heart of large metro areas. Fixing that part may prove difficult, but with a terrorist designaton at least a portion of the rioters could be prosecuted more stringently.

It’s not a simple matter, however. People like FBI Director Christopher Wray have stood against the designation from the beginning, stating that it is a loose group with no leaders and “more of an ideology than an organization.”  He is wrong. Watching the riots in Kentucky should clue him in as to the facts about that, since their U-Haul was staged and ready for the riots ahead of time. They have leaders that change for each event- which should be a simple matter of tweaking the law to make that a crime too.

The KKK is a no brainer. Even Democrats likely won’t complain too much about that designation or they will reveal even more of their true colors…since they started the KKK in the first place.

All in all, Trump’s Platinum Plan was a sort of pandering move, but he has proven that when he promises something, he keeps those promises.  The Black community should take heed – he delivers.

Featured photo: Screenshot via C-Apn of Atlanta Campaign event 9/25/2020


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