Trump Supporter Beaten by Mob in California

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A Donald Trump supporter went to a demonstration in honor of Alfred Okwera Olang, who was shot and killed by police in El Cajon, California. The only way anyone knew he was a Trump supporter was by the hat he was wearing. But he was chased, beaten, and kicked because of that hat.

The demonstration in honor of a black man shot by police

Mr. Olang did not have a gun, he was carrying a “vape” – an electronic smoking device. Because he was holding the device as if it were a gun and pointed it at police, he was killed, as we previously reported.

Remember this? The man in this photo was carrying a vape, not a gun – El Cajon police photo

Into this atmosphere comes Feras Jabro, who went to the demonstration to stand with the people against the killing of an unarmed man. But he wore a “Make America Great Again” hat in the middle of a lot of BlackLivesMatter supporters. BIG mistake.

Beaten by a mob

Not long after he arrived, the demonstrators turned their attention from the speaker, and focused on Jabro. They began to chase him, punch him, kick him, and eventually knocked him to the ground where he was stomped on. All because of the Trump hat. Mr. Jabro said he was in fear for his life.

Members of the El Cajon Police Department rescued him from the violent mob.

Mr. Jabro issued a statement on the attacks:

“…It pains me that I had to chaotically escape a violent mob simply because of a cotton accessory on my head.

However, I pray that this incident may help ignite much needed discussions about why the First Amendment is so fundamentally important, and what we as a nation can do to protect this right for every American citizen. I also hope that my rescuing by police will help change that false narrative and stigma about police officers service across the country, when dozens of ECPD officers came to my rescue and selflessly put their own safety on the line in exchange for mine, I can confidently say the the color of my skin didn’t cross their minds…” Feras Jabro


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