Trump Spokesperson Trumps Liberal Anti-Gunner

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Trump spokesperson trumps liberal anti-gunner

Katrina Pierson is Donald Trump’s National Campaign Spokeswoman. During an interview on CNN, she wore a necklace made out of real bullets. The liberals went..uh…ballistic.

trump spokesperson

Katrina Pierson and her bullet necklace

Second Amendment attacks

The Second Amendment is in the news nearly every day as new legislation takes effect around the country as of tomorrow. It’s no wonder they honed in on her necklace:

Texas goes Open Carry on Jan 1.

California begins a new gun confiscation program tomorrow and bans even more weapons based on their manufacturing rules- maybe even the Colt 1911.

Then Obama is set to do an end run around Congress by putting out a new Executive Order to increase background checks and other illegal things.

But the ATF has eased gun restrictions on non-citizens buying guns (and they think WE are nuts).

Twitter wars with Liberals

First, Jim Sciutto Tweeted:

.@KatrinaPierson We noticed your bullet necklace on our air. Is there a message behind it? #TheLead
5:03 PM – 29 Dec 2015 · Washington, DC, United States

She responded:

Made in #Texas! Real ammo. #2A Support your local small business owners! #Trump2016 …
5:09 PM – 29 Dec 2015 

Shannon Watts, (for those of you who haven’t kept up with the news) is the radical anti-gun-nazi in charge of “Moms Demand Action.” She decided to try and slam Katrina with stupid stats taken out of thin air:

Katrina Pierson’s response is nothing short of classic:

She seems to have taken the attempted attack in stride. She seems to be cheerful about the whole thing. Think she should get a cabinet position?

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