Trump Signs Right to Try Act- And a Hot Mic Catches a Powerful Statement

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On Wednesday, President Trump signed the Right To Try Act – a bill that allows terminally ill patients the right to try experimental drugs and treatments (S 204). It’s about improving access for families to care that has not been approved by the FDA. It’s been a long time coming for many families who have fought hard for the right to try new treatments.

But it wasn’t just the signing of the law that captured the attention of the Daily Caller, it was the hot mic that heard what Trump said as he shook the hands of every one of the  individuals present. As he leaned in to shake the hand of a man in a wheelchair, he said,

“We’re going to do this first. This is more important. A speech is just words. This is more important.” President Trump

As liberals rant and rail against him, as Democrats demand he be impeached, to this President, it is the people who are important. He mentioned in his statement that he doesn’t care about the insurance companies or the Pharmaceutical companies, he said the people are more important.

He also stated that in a few weeks, there was going to be a drastic reduction in drug prices announced.

Of course the naysayers will claim that he’s only doing it for a photo op, or that the people on the stage proved he is “racist” somehow, the fact is that President Trump has been a compassionate man all his life- giving people jobs who needed them, sending desperately needed finances to children with debilitating diseases, and other powerful philanthropic actions.

The Daily Caller noted the following people who were on stage with the President and Vice President

Matthew Bellina, PA, ALS patient (bill namesake)

Caitlin Bellina, PA, Wife of Matt

Jordan McLinn, IN, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) patient (bill namesake)

Laura McLinn, IN, mother of Jordan

Frank Mongiello, PA, ALS patient (bill namesake)

Marylin Mongiello, PA, Wife of Frank

Tim Wendler, WI, Husband to Trickett Wendler who died from ALS (Trickett Wednler – bill namesake)

Tealyn Wendler, WI, child of Trickett Wendler who died from ALS

Mike Cimbura, CO, ALS Patient

Nicole Cimbura, CO, Wife of Mike

Diego Morris, AZ, Osteosarcoma patient

Paulina Morris, AZ, Mother to Diego

Featured photo: screenshot via Daily Caller

Here are his remarks about the bill:

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  • David Bardwell

    Really people? Some of you who are complaining about a price to save ones life. Really? If you or a loved one has tried every possible way to get better and NOTHING works can now take a chance on something that may. Experimental treatment seldom deals with insurance. The drug maker usually foots that bill. It’s an experiment. You’re going to die. And some of you can only see dollar signs. How sad.

  • Thomas Tisbury

    It seems to me that if the procedure is experimental then the cost should be nil, or ever compensation, to the patient. Real human study, even if the results are negative, is an invaluable resource.

  • Barik Williams

    Thank You Mr. President Trump you are getting on up there with The Late Great Ronald Reagan man. Keep up the gracy work my man. Mr. President.!!!

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