Trump Signs Omnibus Spending Bill: Full funding for a Border Wall…in Jordan

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No DACA reform (that’s right, Democrats didn’t care about the dreamers after all). Lots and lots of pork.  Oh, and full funding for a security wall…in Jordan. That’s right, the $1.3 Trillion omnibus spending bill contains no funding for the full US border wall. The “compromise” bill is a travesty that the President threatened to veto, but went ahead and signed.

Why did President Trump sign this monstrosity? Only because of the US military’s needs within it. He knew it would be a fight to get the military funded. Now he will have to work hard to get the rest of what he wants another way.

The biggest travesty? It only funded 33 miles of our own borders, leaving the holes for more illegal immigrants to cross into the US. It fully funds a wall for Jordan.

Here’s the video that explains the project: reported in 2016 ,

The wall, which began as a $20 million project in 2008 to erect a set of surveillance towers along a 30-mile (50 km) stretch of the border with Syria, has since expanded into a program costing half a billion dollars, according to defense officials who spoke to VICE News. Called the Jordan Border Security Program or JBSP, the wall is ostensibly meant to stop weapons of mass destruction from getting out, but since 2013 has refocused on detecting Islamic State fighters and arms smuggling, as well as refugees, on both sides of the border …

The first phase of the JBSP, the erection of the towers, was completed in September 2009. Phase 1B, the beginning of the fence, was completed in March 2014. Phases 2 and 3, the building of a fully integrated and networked fence running along a 275-mile(442 km) stretch of Jordan’s borders with Syria and Iraq and costing some $300 million, are scheduled to be fully operational this year. Further phases will extend the fence along the entire border and improve surveillance and detection gear. Mobile surveillance stations and quick reaction forces will be stationed at vulnerable points or emerging hot spots.

It’s all paid for by the United States taxpayer.

A lot of people are truly angry at this ridiculous spending bill, and one of the biggest ones was the President himself. “Compromise” or not, this is a joke. Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Mitch McConnell…time to relieve us of your presence in the Congress.

But there is something we aren’t putting into consideration here: why was it so important that we fund the military at this time? Something may be up that we are not privy to.


  • Christine Zarnowski

    Carrie Watts:

    The hope you are correct. I’m from a military family (Srmy and Navy) and pleased with h their allotments.

    Funding of Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities is unacceptable!

    Continued benefits going to DACA and illegals is an absolute abomination.

    The Democrats have set the agenda from day one and are controller all aspects of our government for VOTES.

    No art of the deal gettIng done !

    Deep state and Democrats are running this country. It will be socialist by 2020 and everyone will be speaking Spanish.

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