Trump Pardons Kristian Saucier- Sailor Who Took Pics of Submarine

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Kristian Saucier, the sailor who took 9 pictures inside the USS Alexandria in 2009, has been granted a pardon by President Trump. He had been convicted of  “unauthorized retention of national defense information.” The ankle bracelet he has worn since his release from prison last year will now come off, and this family is hoping to get back to “normal.”

Mr. Saucier’s career was stellar until he took the pictures. He was sentenced to a year in prison during the Presidential Campaign in 2016. He served that prison term and was released in October, but with an ankle monitor under house arrest. He has been working as a garbage truck driver since then because it has been difficult for him to obtain a job. His wife texted him today as he was driving the truck to tell him about the pardon. His attorney was also excited.

“We’re so excited. This is going to change his life. He’ll be able to find employment, he’ll be able to carry on with his life. We can’t believe it. We are so grateful for our president for this. We’ve been passed over by the previous administration, and this president took the time to look into this matter and made the right decision, in our view.” Ronald Daigle, Saucier’s attorney to Fox News

The Washington Examiner reported,

While in prison, the family’s cars were repossessed and his home is in foreclosure.

“We’re struggling,” Saucier said in January, describing frequent calls from credit card debt collectors and an electricity bill payment plan. “No one will hire me because I’m a felon … All the skills I worked so hard for in the military are useless.”

Last year the Office of Pardons refused to process his request because it hadn’t been 5 years since he was released.  President Trump used Mr. Saucier’s case to remind people during the campaign that Hillary did far worse as Secretary of State. Saucier’s attorney tried unsuccessfully to use what became known as a “Clinton defense” hoping for leniency in sentencing.

“I am very grateful. It’s going to be a huge for our family. And a huge reality when probation calls and the ankle monitor is taken off, that’s going to be a big one.” Sadie Saucier



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  • SSG Clarence Rogers Ret.

    I would call you a Veteran but you knew the Rules and regulations of the Military and You Disobeyed Orders and For That No Benefits for You Traitor!!!!

  • Bill Burns

    I am happy for Mr. Saucier and his family. However, let’s not make him into some kind of hero. Submarine operations are known as the silent service for a very good reason. Careless disclosure if classified information by Congressman Andrew May during WWII is credited with the loss of 10 submarines and 800 men. While classification may be unreasonable strict it is not up to Saucier to decide what should or shouldn’t be classified. So he was either ignorant, reckless or simply foolish but hero? Not!

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