Trump Motorcade Hit With Object

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Palm Beach County, Florida – On Friday, President Trump’s motorcade was on the way from an airport to Mar-a-Lago when something struck one of the vehicles. When they dropped off the President, members of the motorcade returned to the area to canvas for the item, and find the suspect. It turned out to be a middle school kid who threw a 2″ by 4″ chunk of wood at the vehicle.

The kid confessed to the deed and implicated 4 of his friends. They will be charged by the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s office. Since they are juveniles, the punishment will likely be light.

Somewhere there are parents, unless the kid was born in a cabbage patch. Those parents should be held accountable. There may even be a school teacher that has been ranting and raving in class about Trump. Or they could be your average dumb kids who thought the whole thing was funny. But Middle School age is old enough to know better, so we suspect there’s more to the story.

Bet it’s not so funny now.

For the last 8 years, we have seen violence, property damage, and riots encouraged by the Obama administration. When suddenly the new guy comes on the scene, they all go completely off the rails. Their purpose is to destroy the nation any way they can.

We live in a changed society. Is it were 30 years ago, a short meeting with Donald Trump might be enough to scare them from doing anything like that again. Sitting in a jail cell overnight would be enough to stop any further stupidity on their part.

But we live in a left-wing indoctrinated world where stupidity, actual criminality, is idolized.  These kids will likely be considered “heroes” in their peer group.

So what do you think should happen to these kids? Should they just get “Community Service?” Should they be locked up and the key thrown into the swamp?


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