Trump Meets With Church Leaders- Will They Stand With Him?

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Trump Meets With Church Leaders- Will They Stand With Him?

Two different people who attended the Trump meeting with Church leaders in NYC sent out updates on what occurred in the June 21 meeting. How did he fare with a tough crowd that had wanted Ted Cruz to win? It appears that he did very well.

The original venue was for just 20 minutes at the NYC Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square. Trump’s schedule was extremely tight. And the hotel only originally made reservations for 100 people. The Secret Service ended up vetting over 1,000 attendees – nearly everyone who was invited accepted. Even some who were left off the original list lobbied for inclusion.

The meeting went over the 20 minutes and ended up at 90.


Photo via Compass International, Bill Perkins

Wound lickers

There were a lot of Evangelicals intent on “licking their wounds” over the loss of Cruz as a candidate. These folks crying over spilled milk were a tough sell, and many threatened to stay home from the election and not vote at all.  Which is the true path to a Hillary Clinton Presidency and total doom for America.

In the last election 40 million Christians stayed home, a huge reason why this Socialist, communist President was elected. We MUST do better this time around.

Trump sat next to Mike Huckabee on stage rather than at the pulpit- a smart move that placed him on the same level as the people in the audience. He proceeded to answer the questions from pre-selected Christian leaders in a way that won many over.

According to Gary Bauer, here are some of the Key Points

He minded people that without a strong military, the consequences were far more dangerous  for the nation. It’s more expensive in the long run to be a weak nation than a strong one…and that is the truth.

He blasted Obama’s alienation of Israel, saying that our closest ally is extremely important!

Trump reminded the leaders of the consequences of a Hillary Presidency. Things will remain the same as they are now…the Christian persecution will continue, the Muslim appeasement will continue, the Supreme Court will be riddled with activist judges who could care less about the Constitution, the overreach and spending will be worse.

In 1954, then Senator Lyndon Johnson managed to get an amendment to the tax code passed that literally muzzled the free speech of every pastor in America. The Johnson Amendment said that a pastor of a church is not allowed to advocate any political candidate or even speak of political things or any issue that might be construed as political from their pulpits. Over the years there have been efforts to buck that amendment, but for the most part those efforts have gone nowhere. Trump promised to get that repealed.

He addressed the Supreme Court and reminded everyone that his list released previously contained major pro-life and Conservative judges. A Clinton presidency would guarantee the further erosion of our liberties.

He addressed his comments on immigration, and told the crowd that until these people could be properly vetted, they should not be allowed into the United States. The very safety of our people is at stake. Was he a vicious racist who hates immigrants? No and never has been. His approach was one of common sense from the beginning, no thanks to the media.

The stakes are higher than they have ever been!

All in all, the audience accepted his remarks, and he received a standing ovation. The questions he fielded were to the point, and his answers concise. He won over a great many people who were going to skip it.

Christians should realize that this election is our last chance to preserve our freedoms.  What will you do?

“I have to say, we pretty much all came away thinking that if Clinton, or any Democrat, is elected, the path this nation’s on currently will continue and WILL lead to disaster. If we don’t turn the ship now, we’re headed to be like socialized Europe-a disaster getting worse by the month. Even potentially reaching problems like what’s going on in Venezuela, where they are currently literally fighting for daily food. Don’t think it can’t happen here, it could. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities…it’s that serious. A LOT is at stake in this election!”  Bill Perkins, Compass International

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