Trump Effect: Companies Working on Jobs For Americans

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First it was Carrier saving jobs. Ford and now Fiat Chrysler have stated they are changing plans and investing in American plants. Jobs that were destined for Mexico are coming back to America- is this the Trump Effect?

Midnight regulations

The House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday to pull the plug on Obama’s business-killing regulations passed since May. Obama has created over 97,000 pages of regulations during his term. The bill passed 238-184. A companion bill for the Senate will likely have a harder path to passage, but with Trump as President soon, it may get through.

“Because outgoing administrations are no longer accountable to the voters, they are much more prone to issue midnight regulations that fly in the face of the electoral mandate the voters just gave the new, incoming administration. Waves of midnight rules can also be very hard for Congress or a new administration to check adequately.” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte

The Congressional Review Act allows Congress to disapprove of any regulations which have been passed within a certain period of time.


In spite of media naysayers and Democrats who want to find fault in everything Trump does, some companies are finding hope in the businessman headed to the White House. Even though a few are on the defensive, others are moving back to America.

Toyota said they would build a big new plant in Baja, Mexico…to which Trump tweeted,

His tweets are completely bypassing the liberal media, which seems to be working exactly as planned. Toyota pushed back and said their plant wouldn’t cause American job losses because they have $22 Billion invested in America already.

Though the other companies claim they would have done these things “whether Trump was president” or not, it appears as though the pro-growth policies are having an effect even before he gets to the White House. Or are they just worried about being in the crosshairs of President-Elect Trump? Either way, it’s a good thing.

Ford announced last week that it was canceling a $1.6 Billion plant in Mexico and instead will reinvest $700 Million in Michigan.

Fiat Chrysler said on Sunday that it “would spend $1 billion on U.S. manufacturing, including modernizing plants in Michigan and Ohio, in a move that’s set to add 2,000 new jobs.”

Fox News reported about the Fiat-Chrysler changes:

According to the company’s plan, the plant in Warren, Michigan will be made capable of producing a pickup truck currently built in Mexico. 

The Warren plant will make the new Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer large SUVs. A plant in Toledo, Ohio also will get new equipment to make a new Jeep pickup.

All in all, from Carrier to Fiat-Chrysler, hope has sprung up in the business community. That will eventually translate to more jobs for Americans, and a thriving economy, once they get out from under the socialist business killing regulations from Obama.





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