Trump: Eddie Gallagher will be Moved to Less Restrictive Confinement

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As we previously reported, Rep Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) and 17 other Republicans sent a letter to the Secretary of the Navy over concerns that Eddie Gallagher was not receiving proper access to medical care, his legal team, or even food. President Trump took notice of the situation and tweeted that he will be moved to “less restrictive confinement.” He is currently in confinement at Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar in California.

“This man spent 20 years of his life, he spent 15 of it as a SEAL, he volunteered to serve this country overseas not once, not twice, but eight times and the least they can do is have him in confinement if they need be and let him have…medical treatment, let him get his proper legal defense team together.”
Rep. Ralph Norman, (R-SC)

Not allowing Gallagher to have proper access to medical care for his Traumatic Brain Injury, or his legal team for proper representation, and even restricting his access to food is completely out of line, no matter the charges against him.

Unfortunately, the media has already prejudiced many who follow mainstream sources. Some of the comments beneath the President’s tweet are disgusting, like one from a co-called doctor who was fired from his job for sexual assault and decided to take a stand against Eddie Gallagher.

“We honor our military service members but when they commit heinous war crimes like stabbing a teenage prisoner of war to death and then taking selfies with the dead body holding the head up by the hair and performing a re-enlistment ceremony with the body, that’s disgusting. ” Dr Eugene Gu

Which is not a reason to violate Navy rules of confinement or destroy the rights of any prisoner. The man’s comment is a product of mainstream media ignorance.

Most commenters after tried to defend Eddie by reminding everyone that Gu is ignorant of the issues. Dana Loesch tried to set people straight by reminding them that the doctor is a creep.

Immediately thereafter, the conversation went off into the weeds, and irrelevant things became the topics of the day. Typical of Twitter.

Eddie’s trial is set for May 28.

Featured photo: screenshot via NY Post

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  • Jon

    All’s fair in war Imo ya get a little crazy wtf you expect.

    • Autochic

      Your exactly right Jon! Death is what these guys deal so what may be crazy to civilians is a warriors normal day at his office!!! Take a lesson in history people as well as the sick fucks in Afghanistan decapitating WOMEN, WHO AREN’T TRYING TO KILL THEM BTW, and displaying their heads for everyone to see! Why is it OK for them? Or how they run over someone who is alive with a tank either way its what our guys see on the day to day. They are numb to it and with killing all around people will do unexplainable things. No reason to torture him for it!!!

      • Kris


  • sam

    I hope he pardons him immediately after the hearing.

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